Otterbox Venture 45 Cooler: Review

By: Tim van Duyl, Photography by: Cam Inniss

We take a look at the Venture 45 Cooler, a 42 litre chilly-bin produced by American company Otterbox.

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The esky is as Australian as a pair of thongs, so what has a US company Otterbox got that we don’t? Bears, and it seems that the need to keep the destructive foragers out has led to a super-tough range of eskys. Fear not – there’s more to their coolers than strength; the new-to-Australia range has some clever features, as well as reliable fundamentals for keeping your food and fluids cool for longer.

We had a Venture 45 along for the ride from Coral Coast to Karijini, for use as our snacks and water holder. The 45 stands for its capacity in quarts, which translates to about 42 litres.

The first thing you will notice about the look of the Venture 45 is the moulded handles. They make carrying the esky easy and work as tie down points (without restricting your ability to open the lid). The skin is polypropylene and two-part polyurethane insulation internally makes for a comparatively lightweight esky given its volume, tipping the scales at a shave under 12kg.

Capacity-wise it will take a slab of your favourite tinnies and a couple of 5kg bags of ice with ease, which we found stayed icy-fresh for about a week in our hot conditions. I'm sure you could get more, but then you wouldn't be enjoying it!

The latch on the Otterbox Venture 45 Cooler

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