All Terrain Seeker: Video Review

By: DAVID COOK, Photography by: DAVID COOK

Experience home comforts while you're on the road and out in the Australian bush, with All Terrain's new Seeker camper trailer.

All Terrain Campers has built an enviable reputation on the slogan: "Go where the others can’t". Its buffalo-tough trailers have been Camper Trailer of the Year winners on multiple occasions, but like all good manufacturers it isn’t content to sit on its laurels and watch the ebb and flow of a dynamic market leave it in the dust.

Named the Seeker, the new All Terrain trailer sits on the same basic chassis and suspension as All Terrain’s Off Road Deluxe. It is a proven package and in the world of genuine offroad campers is non-negotiable. That gets you a galvanised one-piece drawbar and chassis, square 50mm axle with two tonne hubs and bearings, as well as your choice of 12in two-tonne electric or override brakes and a nine-leaf eye-to-eye suspension with super rebound springs. If you want it, Vehicle Components trailing arm independent suspension is an option.

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