Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker: Review

By: DAVID COOK, Photography by: DAVID COOK

camper trailer next to a lake
Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker camper trailer chassis
Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker camper trailer set up for camping
Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker camper trailer storage
Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker camper trailer towing
Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker camper trailer wheel

Read a review of the Offroad Trekka from Sydney’s Blue Tongue Camper - a good value, well-equipped, lightweight camper.

The Offroad Trekka is one of Blue Tongue’s best sellers: a soft-floor, off-road camper in the traditional format with a side-fold tent. According to Blue Tongue it has proven quite popular with "grey nomad" customers.

Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker specifications

Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker Camper -trailer Couple Camping

The Trekka is built in the company’s Kirrawee, Sydney, workshops, on a solid chassis with strong, 2000mm long drawbar. The long drawbar provides room for a huge front storage box, front bicycle  rack or other options, as well as the Al-Ko hitch, which allows you to tow with a standard 50mm ball.

The standard suspension is a seven-leaf Al-Ko package with rebound springs on a 45mm Al-Ko beam axle with Ford bearings, 10in. inertial (or electric) drum brakes and LandCruiser six-stud hubs. If you want shock absorbers they are optional, as is a complete Cruisemaster independent trailing-arm suspension system.

Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker Camper Trailer Tow Vehicle


The Blue Tongue Off Road Trekka is a very good starting point for a family which wants to make the most of limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Aside from the tent it is all-Australian made, it is basically well equipped and has a number of options that allow you to tailor it to your budget or your needs. At 850kg Tare, and with a carrying capacity of up to 750kg, you can shift all those items that are absolute must-haves for the kids while providing the room for them all to stay under cover when needed, or if it’s just you and your partner it will do the job nicely as well. Given the purchase price of $14,810 as reviewed it’s great value.

Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker Camper Trailer Kitchen


  • The good value for money
  • The lightweight set-up
  • The roomy fridge box
  • The tent fly

Blue Tongue Offroad Trekker Camper Trailer Bed


  • A bigger charger on the battery

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