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An Impact Tray Camper trailer set up from the front
Couple and dog camping.
Impact Tray Camper trailer bed and storage
Impact Tray Camper trailer from behind
Impact Tray Camper trailer from the side
Impact Tray Camper trailer kitchen and dining table
Impact Tray Camper trailer kitchen storage
Impact Tray Camper trailer logo
Impact Tray Camper trailer set up
Impact Tray Camper trailer storage

The Impact Tray Camper is a great option for anyone looking to enter the slide-on camper trailer market.


Impact Tray Campers have a basic design that comes in a 1.75m (6ft) form for dual cabs, a 2m (7ft) form for space cabs, or a 2.2m (8ft) form for single cabs. All are essentially the same, with only the length of the floor (and thus width of the tent) varying.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you have to fit a longer 2.2m tent to your single cab pick-up, as many opt to fit the smaller 1.75m dual cab tent leaving them with 600mm of tray space to carry things such as a trail bike, fridges, jerry cans or whatever else they might need. Likewise you could fit a space cab 2m tent and have 400mm free.

The larger versions come with a near king-sized bed in an east-west format with the 1.75m model having the same bed in a north-south layout courtesy of a flip-over hinged extension of the bed base. You can have the desired north-south form on any model as an option, to avoid having to climb over your partner in the night. Bed access is via a supplied set of steps.

Beneath the bed is a 340mm deep carpeted storage space that’s subdivided into food/clothes and general storage. All sides of the camper fold down to access these spaces. P-seals are used all round and so far, Mr Ahyee reports, there’s been no experience of dust or water getting in.

Impact Tray Camper Trailer


Chris Ahyee has developed a light (350-380kg, depending on fit-out), slide-on camper with a low packed height for stability and ease of travelling. It offers all of the basics and, if desired, most of the comforts of any other camper at a very manageable price. The base unit is $12,600 and optioned up it’s $16,000 to $17,000. Its layout is very flexible and extendable, it’s light, roomy and as well-equipped as you want to make it. Like all good slide-ons you can drop it onto a trailer – it fits directly on top of a standard 7x4ft box trailer – and you have a camper trailer. It’s only available direct from Impact Tray Campers, as adding agencies pushes up the price. It gets a big thumbs-up from us.

Bed Inside Camper Trailer Impact Tray Camper


  • Careful, well finished construction
  • Sturdiness when on legs
  • Classy looking kitchen at a modest cost
  • Easy accessibility of everything
  • Flexible layout at good value for money price

Outside Kitchen Of Impact Tray Camper Trailer


  • A door on the front of the kitchen to prevent contents spilling on rough tracks
  • Second door in the tent
  • A less complex spreader bar awning set-up
  • Lighter lift to offload canvas
  • A few more options on the electrical set-up

Impact Tray Camper Trailer Logo

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