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The innovative EDX is a high-end hardfloor camper trailer from Mountain Trail, constructed using cutting edge technology.

The name EDX, which stands for "Electric Design Extreme", tells the tale of this hardfloor camper  from Mountain Trail Campers quite well: an innovative design employing the latest in manufacturing techniques to create an offroad trailer capable of taking on seriously extreme conditions.

Mountain Trail EDX specifications

Mountain Trail EDX Towability

The EDX is comprised of over 250 laser cut panels, which slot together precisely to create a machine-perfect product — similar to how a car is manufactured. Each panel is uniquely marked with a part number, so if you need to replace it, just quote the number and you’ll get what you ordered. It reduces guess work and wrong parts being dispatched, but it also means each individual part is repairable by any panel beater in the country, so if something should go wrong on the road, it won’t necessarily signify the end of your trip. All of this manufacturing is done in-house at Mountain Trail HQ to further increase the quality equation. The chassis is a 150x50x3mm hot-dipped, galvanised unit with a galvanised plate, zinc anneal and aluminum sheet metal employed on the camper’s outer skin. The paint work consists of two-pack enamel — just like you’d find on a motor car.

Mountain Trail EDX Camper Trailer


  • Electric opening mechanism
  • Flush-mounted storage cabinets
  • Fitted tropical roof
  • Lightweight yet strong floor
  • Vented floor in front storage box

Camper Trailer Bedroom


  • Stabilizer legs on the kitchen

Mountain Trail EDX Camper Trailer Kitchen


This camper is a fine specimen of quality Australian manufacturing. Its construction is rock-solid, it scores 10/10 for innovation and it doesn’t skimp on a single comfort. The EDX is a high-end camper trailer that will turn heads wherever it goes, destined to become a much-loved home away from home for countless families and couples.

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