Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road: Review

By: EMMA RYAN, Photography by: STUART GRANT

camper trailer set up with awning and table and chairs
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camping in Australia with 4x4 and camper trailer
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Red Rock camper trailer
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer kitchen
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer set up
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer storage
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer towing
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer with 4x4 tow vehicle
Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer
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Take your family on camping trips with a minimum fuss by investing in Red Rock's affordable Traveller Semi Off Road camper trailer.

Set atop a 7x4ft semi-offroad Australian made trailer, the Red Rock Traveller Semi Off Road’s manageable dimensions immediately suggested this camper’s suitability to those looking for peaceful escapes to light offroad destinations, perhaps towing with mid-sized family vehicles and SUVs. With a price tag on the shy side of $15k, the Traveller Semi Off Road from Red Rock Campers targets budget-conscious buyers seeking an affordable, quality trailer to serve as headquarters on their family adventures.


Camper Trailer Set Up For Camping

A rear-fold softfloor camper trailer designed for light offroad work, the Traveller features a 40mm square axle and seven leaf eye-to-eye slipper spring suspension, with 14in wheels and tyres with mudflaps, and optional electric brakes. The camper on test was fitted with an optional framed mesh stoneguard, behind which sat a 300L checker plate aluminium, lockable toolbox with spare wheel mount, also an option. The coupling is a standard 50mm ball, upgradable to a polyblock style offroad coupling if desired, but given the light offroad intentions of this camper, it’s probably not necessary.

Woman In Bed Of A Camper Trailer


The Traveller Semi Off Road presents an excellent option for first-time camper buyers or indeed anyone with a budget under $15k. It will get you to your favourite secret spot up a river track, and facilitate the search for new gems off the beaten track. With an Aussie-made trailer backed by a strong warranty and roadside assist, you can be comfortable in your investment. At just 310kg tare as standard, you’ll tow this bad boy comfortably behind a mid-sized car or SUV, and won’t even know it’s there behind a 4WD. For those new to camper trailers (and towing), this manageable size will make for fuss-free family forays into the great outdoors. 

Woman Cooking In A Camper Trailer Kitchen


  • Large annex with walls and floor as standard
  • Lightweight and manageable for beginners
  • Airy internal living space


  • Everything I would have liked was available as an option — upgrade as your budget allows

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