Altitude Pinnacle: Review

By: John Willis, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

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When it comes to value and function, the Altitude Pinnacle camper trailer is at the top of the game.

Queensland’s Altitude Campers has certainly lifted industry standards to new heights — in fact, its new model is the "Pinnacle".

Construction and offroad ability

Alttitude Pinnacle Beach

From top to bottom and front to back, this camper impresses. It is definitely an offroad camper with its strong chassis and body. However, it uses the time proven simplicity of Al-Ko eight leaf eye-to-eye springs with a 45mm solid square axle and 10in electric brakes.

There's a full chassis construction with a very strong frame supporting the box, culminating with 100x50x4mm Duragal chassis rails (yes, 4mm not 3mm) extending right through to the drawbar and its Hyland offroad 50mm ball coupling.

Altitude Pinnacle Storage

The verdict

Altitude is doing a special introductory price on a very complete unit for $29,990. That's outstanding value for money for a unit that should retail at $35,000. We reckon we'd be jumping in pretty quick if you want one as Altitude want to remain a small but professional operation with limited availability and national service.

Altitude Pinnacle Electrics


  • Value for money
  • Appearance
  • Selection of options and accessories
  • Set-up ease

Waeco Camper Trailer

Would have liked

  • Less drawbar weight (due to 30hp generator in front box)

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