Follow Me Campers Argyle Explorer: Video review

By: Emma Ryan, Photography by: Ellen Dewar

Can't decide between a hardfloor or softfloor? The Argyle Explorer from Follow Me Campers sits comfortably between the two models.

The Argyle Explorer is the first hardfloor in the Follow Me range, though it’s evident the brand is unwilling to fully deviate from the softfloor layout, opting for a sidefold design rather than the classic hardfloor rear-fold concept. This enabled Follow Me to introduce a walk-through passageway for bed access, which it touts as the unique selling point of this camper.

Follow Me Campers Argyle Explorer specifications

Follow Me Campers Towing

The chassis is constructed from 75x50x2.5mm galvanised steel, while the drawbar is 100x50x3.0mm. The offroad Ozhitch is effective and very easy to use, and 10in electric brakes can pull you up in a hurry. The camper weighs 1100kg dry, and is good for a total mass of 1500kg.

Inside A Camper Trailer

The verdict

This camper has all the basics down pat, but requires a few refinements to make it truly great. It proved its worth as a tourer, with a fairly quick set up for overnight stops, although a tweak in design to eliminate the tonneau wrap would up the ante on this front. It is perfectly suited to longer stays with the awning erected and even the walls and additional bedroom if you require the extra undercover space. This versatility makes it well suited to couples and families alike.  Its strong construction is a definite win, and at $29,500 you’ve got an offroad capable, locally-made tourer.

Camper Trailer Kitchen

I liked

  • Softfloor footprint on a hardfloor camper
  • Additional storage thanks to walk-up passageway bed access
  • Very well-built and offroad capable

I would have liked

  • Reverse ratchet winch
  • Stronger kitchen slide latches
  • Better quality toolbox

Camper Trailer In The Desert

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