Tail Feather review

By: John Willis, Photography by: John Willis

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Tail Feather campers kitchen Tail Feather campers kitchen
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Tail Feather kitchen Tail Feather kitchen
Tail Feather preview Tail Feather preview

Join the the offroad fraternity with the new Tail Feather Campers camper trailer, which features a lightweight and customisable design.

The Tail Feather is a brand new product brought out to Australia in flat packs and assembled as desired. It is marketed to the rough and tough offroad fraternity. Its lightweight and simplistic design lends itself to those with smaller commuter vehicles, weighing in at 500kg tare all up.

Tail Feather specifications

Tail Feather Campers Camper Trailer

The optional single-axle aluminium trailer is extremely well made. It has basic override brakes and a hand brake is fitted as standard even though both are not legally required in most applications. It has 14in conventional tyres with Sunraysia powder-coated steel wheels. The configuration can be upgraded to full offroad suspension at the customer’s request.

Tail Feather Campers

The verdict

The Tail Feather is a terrific base as it stands, however we can see plenty of people taking the modular base unit and converting to their own individual requirements. The modular panels can even be flat packed for delivery across the country. The aluminium trailer and indestructible nature of the plastic modules mean that it is a lifelong investment.

Tail Feather Bedroom


  • Unbreakable plastic panels
  • Modular
  • Insulated
  • Real point of difference

Tail Feather Campers Dinette

Would have liked

  • Tool box
  • Battery outside
  • "Bat wing" style awning option

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