Cub Kamparoo Daintree LE: Review

By: Emma Ryan, Photography by: Stuart Grant

Tackle offroad tracks in the Cub Kamparoo Daintree LE, a simple hardfloor from an Aussie brand whose reputation is as solid as its trailers.

The Daintree LE, being one notch up from the straight Daintree, is a very capable offroad unit fitted with independent suspension, which looks fit to take on the tough tracks anywhere in Oz.

Offroad ability

As with the entire Kamparoo range, the Daintree LE’s body measures just 2200mm, and it rides at a height of 1550mm. Both of these factors, combined with the camper’s light Tare weight of 795kg, contribute to its excellent score for offroad-ability.

Cub Kamparoo Daintree LE Setting Up

The verdict

The Kamparoo Daintree LE is a well-built and functional camper trailer which particularly shines when it comes to ease of use and offroad-ability.

$24,990 is a modest outlay for a quality Australian-made hardfloor, and while you’ll need to add a few extras such as lights and a fridge, you can take comfort in Cub’s 40-year heritage and excellent reputation when it comes time to resell.

There are many lesser quality hardfloor camper trailers at a similar price point that cannot lay claim to this brand’s strength and resale value, so on that front alone — let alone the camper’s many other strengths — you’d be making a wise choice by investing in a Cub.

Cub Kamparoo Daintree LE Tent

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