Bushranger Joey: Review

By: Camper Trailer Australia

Bushranger Joey Bushranger Joey
Dewar 141022 8924 Dewar 141022 8924
Dewar 141022 8968 Dewar 141022 8968
Dewar 141022 8973 Dewar 141022 8973
Dewar 141022 8976 Dewar 141022 8976
Dewar 141022 9014 Dewar 141022 9014
Dewar 141022 9017 Dewar 141022 9017
Dewar 141022 9021 Dewar 141022 9021

There wouldn’t be too many “empty nesters” that would be disappointed with one of these in their garage.

For couples who want caravan comforts with camper trailer convenience, this works well. It boasts a unique design, combining lots of comfort features in a small and somewhat surprising package. The exterior is fine, if a bit basic in appearance and the alloy wheels give it a sharp look. The rear step hits on rough ground and there was some dust ingress on the 4WD course, but not too much.

The air-conditioning was great in the Broken Hill heat (or wherever power is available). The 19in TV is a surprising addition, but speaks to the market sector seeking caravan comforts. The interior and exterior cooking facilities were fine, but an exterior sink (even a plastic bowl that could drop into a holder) would be great.

This is a hybrid camper at half the price of just about every other such camper on the market, so that has to count for something. 

Here are the specs for the Bushranger Joey:


  • Tare: 1120kg
  • ATM: 1550kg
  • Suspension: Austrak trailing arm
  • Brakes: 10in electric
  • Coupling: Treg polyblock
  • Chassis: 100x50x3mm galvanised
  • Drawbar: 100x50x3mm galvanised
  • Body: Alumabond panel over 19mm meranti frame
  • Wheel/tyre: Alloy rims, 235/75 R15 tyres
  • Style: Hybrid


  • Box size: 2050x3048mm
  • Length: 4500mm
  • Tent size: N/A


  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 4.5kg
  • Water: 2 x 60L
  • Cooktop: 2br Smev internal, 2br Swift Slimline external
  • Kitchen: Internal
  • Battery: 2 x 97Ah AGM

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