Eagle Cheyenne: Review

By: David Cook, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

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Eagle CheyenneOpener

Eagle reinvents the sidefold hardfloor concept with its new family-friendly Cheyenne camper.

The Eagle Cheyenne has greatly increased the availability of the sidefold hardfloor concept and for those with three or four children it provides a great alternative to the sidefold softfloor camper.

The interior room is impressive and the general level of equipment provided makes for a good camper.

We were assured that many of the rough edges on our review camper, which was the proof-of-concept prototype, are being ironed out as production swings into gear. At $24,800 you get a lot of accommodation in a unique off-the-ground format that ought to pay for itself on the first bout of extended wet weather a long way from home.

Hits & Misses

I liked…

  • The internal room
  • The size of the rear awning
  • The huge storage capacity
  • Nifty rear fold-down spare

I would’ve liked…

  • More thought to the stone guard and mud flaps
  • More user-friendly awning set-up
  • More solid fridge tie-down option
  • Relocated internal power outlet

Eagle Cheyenne Specs


  • Tare 1080kg
  • ATM 1600kg
  • Suspension Independent trailing arm with dual shocks and springs
  • Brakes 10in electric drum with handbrake
  • Coupling 2000kg polyblock
  • Chassis Galvanised
  • Drawbar 100x50x 4mm galvanised
  • Body Powdercoated
  • Wheel/tyre Alloy rims with 265/70 R16 Cooper all terrain tyres
  • Style side-fold hardfloor


  • Box size: 2420x1860x1700mm
  • Length 4400mm
  • Tent size Main tent 2420x3500mm
  • Awning 2200x6000mm


  • Gas cylinders 2 x 4.5kg bottle holders
  • Water 120L stainless steel tank
  • Cooktop Four-burner AGA-approved stove with wind deflector
  • Kitchen Swing out stainless steel with sink and electric pump
  • Battery 100Ah deep cycle

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