Track Trailer Tvan Murranji: Review

By: Michael Browning, Photography by: Michael Browning

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What attracts serious offroaders to Track Trailer's Tvan, as it has for the past 16 years, is its “fit for purpose” design.

Launched in late 1999, the original Track Trailer Tvan remains one of the best hard-shell camper trailers that you can buy today, despite the increasing number of challengers to its crown.

Vista RV has been giving it a nudge for a few years and now Complete Campsite has introduced its new Exodus 9, designed to go "head-to-head" with the Tvan. But, like the elusive Road Runner, the Tvan always seems to get its second wind when its Coyote-like rivals get too close.

The changes are usually subtle, yet effective, like the wider and roomier, vacuum-pressed aluminium composite bodywork that arrived in 2012 and is now standard across all four models in the Tvan range, from the base $40,990 Yulara to the range-topping $52,650 Murranji.

It was a relatively small change to an already proven design, but the larger body on the same proven chassis with its revered MC2 Asymmetric multi-link, trailing arm independent suspension, combined with a host of other refinements, like a range of A-frame storage and spare tyre solutions, gave it a new lease of life. The option list also grew longer, allowing enthusiastic owners to personalise their Tvans to individual tastes and needs.

Now, with the latest-spec Murranji, Track Trailer has re-purposed the Tvan yet again.

The wrap up

As good-looking as ever and still one of the best things you’ll ever hitch to your 4WD for serious offroad travel, the Tvan Murranji has been updated and enhanced in its 2015 incarnation to keep pace with the market.

For those who still believe canvas is an essential part of the camping experience, but appreciate its hard-shell comfort and rapid set-up, it remains the camper trailer that all others must be measured against.

With the latest Murranji, we’re pretty certain plenty more people will continue to enjoy the unique Tvan experience.

Hits & Misses

I liked…

  • Groundbreaking, "less is more" design
  • High-quality construction and finish
  • Rapid set-up — even faster with the "stopover" kit
  • State-of-the-art suspension

I would’ve liked…

  • Ticking all the tempting option boxes to be less expensive
  • Given its unique design, we can’t think of much else that could be improved without a major change to its concept.



  • Tare: 1100kg (as tested)
  • ATM: 1500kg
  • Ball weight (unloaded): 139-180kg unladen/laden
  • Chassis: Hot-dipped steel
  • Suspension: MC2 Asymmetrical multi-link, trailing arm independent suspension with twin Koni shock absorbers per wheel
  • Brakes: 10in offroad electric
  • Coupling: DO-35 offroad coupling with electric handbrake
  • Chassis and drawbar: Hot-dipped galvanised, fabricated steel
  • Body: Vacuum-pressed aluminium composite
  • Wheel/tyre: 16x8in offroad steel wheels with 265/75 16 offroad tyres
  • Style: Offroad hard-shell


  • Body length: 4800mm with full rear tent erected, 2800mm with stopover tent fitted
  • Body width: 1920mm
  • Travel length (hitch to tail-lights): 4900mm
  • Body travel height: 2050mm


  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 4kg
  • Water: 2 x 70L with Marine pump
  • Cooktop :Two-burner gas cooktop on slide-out kitchen
  • Fridge: Portable fridge up to 47L (optional)
  • Kitchen: External slide-out gas with two-burner cooktop, BBQ plate and sink
  • Entertainment system: AM/FM/CD/iPod compatible with four internal speakers
  • Lighting: Fixed LED throughout, including tent and storage locker
  • Battery: 1 x 105Ah AGM with 40A DC-to-DC Redarc charger and solar regulator (second battery and inverter optional)
  • Hot water: 14L gas/240V with external shower and shower tent
  • Solar: 1 x 60W roof-mounted panel

Price: From $52,600 (ex-factory Victoria)

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