Cub Campers Explorer: Review

By: John Ford, Photography by: John Ford

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Welcome in a new generation of Cub Campers with the feature packed Explorer.

Cub is committed to the hard floor, rear-fold configuration as it is simple to use and the top-folding design keeps the tent and gear sealed from dust and moisture. Hard floors also provide a place to carry extra gear on the strong metal top.

The Explorer is narrow enough, at 1.7m, to tuck in behind most vehicles and will cause little worry threading through traffic or around narrow bush tracks. Cub describes the camper as an entry-level offroader and is confident enough in its rugged build to warrant it offroad.


Gas struts on the bed base make it easy to access the generous storage space that you can leave permanently packed for a quick getaway. Also under the bed is a separate compartment for a 100Ah battery, fed via a Redarc charger either from the tow vehicle or an optional solar panel.


Packing up is also quick and easy as long as you follow the simple procedures in logical reverse of setting up. The uprights are removed, internal tent supports are loosened and the winch lifts the floor without effort to vertical, at which point you tidy the tent so it fits cleanly inside the body. The winch lowers the top to where the side clamps can be set and the rear jacks are lifted. Like set-up, it’s a two or three minute job for one person.

The importance of having a camper like this that is easy to live with can’t be overstated. A pain-free set-up after a long drive, as night quickly approaches, helps maintain the enthusiasm to keep at it.


I liked…

  • Ease of set-up
  • Tows well and is light weight
  • Quality fittings

I would have liked…

  • Reading lamps
  • Bedside storage

Cub Campers Explorer  Specs


  • Tare 730kg
  • ATM 1200kg
  • Suspension 1500kg, eye-to-eye leaf springs
  • Brakes 10in electric drum
  • Coupling Trigg Bros
  • Chassis Zinc annealed 100x50mm drawbar, 50x50mm chassis
  • Body Painted steel
  • Wheel/tyre 225x75 R15 steel wheels Wrangler offroad tyres
  • Style Rear-fold, hardfloor


  • Box size 2200x1700mm
  • Length 4300mm
  • Tent 4400x1700mm


  • Gas Cylinders 4.5kg
  • Water 80L
  • Cooktop Two-burner
  • Kitchen Stainless steel slide-out
  • Battery 100Ah

Price as Shown

  • $18,990 ex Sydney

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