Goldstream RV Thunder: Review

By: Camper Trailer Australia

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If you believe your holidays are best spent on the road with the family, then the spacious Goldstream RV Thunder is your perfect match.

At $47,000, the Goldstream Thunder is at the top end of this category of campers, but occupies the position with distinction. It’s a camper aimed at families who want caravan comforts in a package that will handle offroad conditions


The Thunder features striking black alloys, which give the camper a standout appearance. The strong DuraGal chassis are also a plus, as it offers quality Vehicle Components independent suspension.


Bench space is provided by a fold-down side shelf with storage space behind that. Alternatively, Goldstream offer an option of a 30L Waeco drawer fridge instead of the barbecue.

Electrically, the Thunder is equipped with a single 105Ah AGM battery and Ctek 7A charger (both marginal for the demands placed on them), two 12V outlets and a 130W solar panel on the roof. The system is wired to the alternator through a 12-pin plug and 8B&S cable. There is a 240V system with six outlets.

For a camper with lots of window space there is, thankfully, total blackout curtains and midgy screens, as well as a system for hanging shelves around the perimeter of the internal roof.



  • Tare: 1512kg
  • ATM: 2000kg
  • Suspension: Cruisemaster independent trailing arm
  • Brakes: 12in
  • Coupling: Hyland
  • Chassis: 150x50mm
  • Drawbar: 100x50mm
  • Body: 42x19mm framed 3mm aluminium composite
  • Wheel/tyre: 16in alloy wheels, AT tyres
  • Style: Pop-top


  • Box size: 4600x2130mm
  • Length: 6100mm
  • Tent size: N/A


  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 9kg
  • Water: 2 x 60L
  • Cooktop: Two-burner Smev plus barbecue
  • Kitchen: Slide-out stainless-steel external
  • Battery: 105Ah Fullriver AGM

Price as Shown

  • $47,000

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