Trayon 1830 Diesel Deluxe: Video Review

By: Camper Trailer Australia, Video by: WTFN

Trayon offers functionality in a well-designed and equipped lightweight slide-on.

A very solid, light and well-designed slide-on, the Trayon uses proven components and is a simple design — all important when trekking out into the bush.

The Trayon is pretty well kitted-out for extended stays. Gas, diesel, water and battery capacity are all pretty reasonable and the diesel heating system is a boon for those sticking out the cold desert nights. The Trayon is not overly specced for what it is, yet, having both an internal and external cooker, portable toilet and diesel heating are solid, useful features that are not commonly offered.

This is a very well-finished, easy to set-up slide-on with plenty of attention to detail. High-quality components and a bit of thought put into the engineering are good signs of excellent build quality and construction.

This is a slide-on that has clearly made weight and its distribution a priority — with excellent results. From a reputable company, this is a quality product at a fair price and overall it’s a good value-for-money proposition. Nothing extravagant or icy cool about it, but the Trayon does impress with its core engineering and quality.

Trayon 1830 Diesel Deluxe Specs


  • Tare: 425kg
  • Body: Powder-coated aluminium
  • Style: Slide-on


  • Box size: 2200x1830mm


  • Gas cylinder: 9kg
  • Water: 110L
  • Cooktop: Two-burner plus grill
  • Kitchen: Internal
  • Battery: 120A AGM with Redarc BMS

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