Altitude Ultimate Hard Floor: Review

By: Michael Browning, Photography by: Michael Browning

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The new Altitude Ultimate ventures into the world of hard floor campers.

For two years, Altitude have been producing award-winning softfloor campers. Now, with the release of the Ultimate, the camper trailer manufacturer is making its first foray into the even tougher hardfloor market.


The tent with its built-in tropical roof was quick and easy to erect, with no adjustment needed. If you are planning more than an overnight stop, then you should probably invest another five-or-so minutes to erect the Ultimate’s large awning, which provides shelter for the entire side of the camper. Coverage starts from the tent entry door to the kitchen and slide-out fridge, extending forward over the front (bed) window and the front storage box and its wood rack.


The right-hand side of the front box houses the camper’s instant gas hot water service and shower, which hangs conveniently on the door when open and attaches quickly to gas and water outlets on the camper. It provides a great ‘off-the-(camper) body’ shower experience via a long, angled pole that holds the shower head at an ideal height. A portable shower tent is provided for shy types to use in populated areas.

This door-stay criticism can’t be leveled at the trapezoidal-shaped compartment near the entry door that houses many of the Ultimate’s key electrical components, including its Projecta 25A charger and Ctek DC-DC battery charger, a voltage monitor for the two 120Ah batteries and separate level gauges for the camper’s twin 80L fresh water tanks, along with 240V input/output and 12V Merit plugs.

The opposite compartments on the right-hand side are unencumbered and can serve as a handy external storage pod for a range of things, including pegs and guy ropes.


I liked…

  • Functional, compact design
  • Quick set-up
  • Rough terrain specs
  • Value for money

I would have liked…

  • Retaining strap on fridge-slide door
  • More shielding for water tanks



  • Tare 1150kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Cruisemaster independent 2000kg trailing arm and dual shock absorber per wheel
  • Brakes Al-Ko 12in electronic
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35 offroad
  • Chassis 50x50mm DuraGal
  • Drawbar 100x50mm DuraGal
  • Body 1.6mm Zincanneal
  • Wheels/tyres 16in off-road alloy with 265/75-16 tyres
  • Style Hardfloor


  • Box size 1900x1600mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 5000mm
  • Tent size 4400mx1800x2200mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg
  • Water 2x80L
  • Cooktop Three-burner gas
  • Kitchen External slide-out
  • Battery  2x120Ah AGM

Price as Shown

  • $37,990

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