Active Campers Vantage: Review

By: Scott Heiman, Photography by: Scott Heiman

Active CampersActive Campers draws a crowd every where it goes even on photo shoots 3 Active CampersActive Campers draws a crowd every where it goes even on photo shoots 3
Active CampersBreakout The Owners Club meets annually on mass 60 at a time Active CampersBreakout The Owners Club meets annually on mass 60 at a time
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The new Active Campers Vantage is customisable and easy to use, making them the perfect match for any camper.

Although made on a production line, all Active Campers are custom ordered and hand-built. This means that, as a customer, you have the best of both worlds. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques combined with the opportunity to custom order accessories and services where you want them — and how you want them. From additional 12V plugs (internal or external), roof racks, axe and shovel mounts or flip-down tables, if you want it, Active Campers will work with you to find a solution.


The original Active Campers were made from timber with a fibreglass shell but, these days, they prefer to use MonoPan: a high strength, lightweight sandwich panel made from thermoplastic polypropylene honeycomb core and fibreglass reinforced polypropylene-face sheets.

Active Campers use white panel for the camper’s exterior as the lighter colour stays relatively cool. This new material is revolutionising many industries and I was impressed to see it used by Active Campers. Despite its strength, this material is light.

Designed with an understanding of aerodynamics, the Vantage features a distinctive curved roofline that increases fuel economy compared to other slide-on campers of similar size. When expanded, the roof is attached to the main body of the camper with distinctive yellow waterproof side walls. The material is acrylic, which means the risk of developing mould is less compared to traditional canvas. The colour was chosen as it lets light into the camper yet still reflects the sun’s heat, keeping the inside cool. For those with more conventional tastes, the material is also available in light grey.


Under all Active Campers is a 120Ah deep-cycle battery system with an electronic dual battery isolator, and the option of a second battery. On top of the camper, there is the option of adding a 136W slim-line amorphous solar system. While testing the Vantage, I found this to be spot-on for a weekend trip, with the unit running for two days straight without fault, despite the less-than-ideal overcast conditions.

By adding a second battery, reliable power could be stretched out to four days with ease before having to start the engine for a recharge. Not to mention, the ample room on the roof for more solar panels if you want it.


I liked…

  • Strength
  • Simplicity
  • Usability

I would have liked…

  • Standard outdoor fittings
  • Child’s bed on opposite wall
  • Options list as standard



  • Tare 500kg
  • Jack rating 1000kg, overall
  • Body MonoPan
  • Style Pop-top slide-on


  • Box size 3830x1820x1950mm
  • Camping height 1820mm
  • Tent size 3000x2000mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg
  • Water 85L
  • Cooktop Dometic three-burner gas stove
  • Kitchen Laminex (new models)
  • Battery 120Ah deep-cycle

Price as Shown

  • $41,750

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