Complete Campsite Exodus 16: Video Review

By: Max Taylor, Photography by: Nathan Jacob

Complete Campsite’s Exodus 16 truly does have it all.

The Exodus 16 is the latest creation to roll off the Complete Campsite production line. Until now, the Exodus 14 was the biggest in Complete’s range of Exodus hybrid rigs. Let me clarify: the Exodus 16 is actually no bigger in terms of overall footprint, or towed length, but a reconfiguration of the 14 has led to extra internal living space.

So the principal difference between an Exodus 14 and 16 is the internal living space — the chassis and suspension are the same, as are all other standard inclusions.

There’s no black magic involved. Complete Campsite has just used the space over the 100mm (4in) drawbar of the 16 in a rather elegant fashion, creating a sort of overhang that gives 650mm of additional living space over the Exodus 14.


Does the size increase add to the weight of the camper? Not really, thanks to a concerted effort by Complete Campsite to save weight in other areas. It starts with the fibreglass body. The team has reverted to hand-laying the fibreglass, rather than using a "chopper gun", allowing greater control over the thickness of the fibreglass finish. A chopper gun might be quicker, but hand-laying results in a more even, lighter finish that still adheres to all strength requirements.

Complete Campsite has also eschewed checkerplate stone protection in favour of a grey spray-on Rhino coating — which is said to be just as tough, but a heck of a lot lighter.


There are two water tanks fitted to the Exodus 16: one 130L tank and an optional (underbody) 100L tank. The main 130L tank is mounted internally, custom-made to fit the angle created by the rear cutaway. But here’s the good bit: you can set aside the 100L tank for creek water, for example, and pump that water into the main tank (via a filter) if you were so inclined.

The rear ensuite tent works a treat. A fibreglass lid folds up to become a roof and the canvas walls and floor drop into place. Peg it down and you’re ready to use the hand-held shower fitted to the rear of the camper.


On first blush, there doesn’t appear to be a shed-load of living space inside. But at one point, we had six or seven people sitting around the dinette and generally milling about quite comfortably as we drank wine and beer in the evening. And remember: this camper is designed for outdoor living, since exploring the great outdoors is what the lifestyle is all about.

Because of the external kitchen, fridge and slide-out pantry, under-bed storage is basically non-existent, but there is a spread of overhead lockers and other cupboards available.

The dinette gets a removable table (custom-made of fibreglass since it’s lighter than timber) and four people will sit here comfortably.


I liked…

  • Excellent external living facilities
  • The 12V capacity
  • The cohesive design
  • External ensuite

I would have liked…

  • This camper wants for nothing



  • Tare 1800kg
  • ATM 2500kg
  • Suspension Cruisemaster independent coils with dual shocks
  • Brakes 12in electric
  • Coupling DO35 offroad with handbrake
  • Chassis 75mm hot-dipped galvanised 
  • Drawbar RHS hot-dipped galvanised 100x 50x3mm
  • Body Fully moulded, insulated fibreglass body, monocoque construction with gel coat finish
  • Wheel/tyre 265/75 R17 offroad tyres, six stud
  • Style Hybrid


  • Box size 2000x5050mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights)  6550mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg
  • Water 130L, 100L (optional)
  • Cooktop Gas barbecue plate
  • Kitchen Full stainless steel external slide-out and swing around, with fold-over benches and two drawers
  • Battery 2x110Ah deep-cycle AGM

Price as Shown

  • $97,150 (from $95,950)

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