Wedgetail Camper Trailer: Review

By: David Cook , Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

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Travel in comfort and style in the new Wedgetail Camper Trailer.

Multipurpose and incredibly spacious, the new Wedgetail Camper Trailer offers room to move.


The Vehicle Components trailing arm independent suspension with dual shocks is fitted with an anti-sway bar to minimise roll, allowing for the camper’s deep dimensions, with three adjustable settings from soft to hard. LT265/70R16 Coopers tyres were fitted to alloy rims on our review, but tyres and stud patterns can be matched as required. Ten inch electric drums bring it to a halt and there are two tow points at the rear.

The camper, when used as a slide-on, is protected by the vehicle cab, however, I felt it could benefit from improved aerodynamics when towed. That being said, a canvas wind barrier is available as an option.

The pleated vinyl cover upfront prevents stone damage above checkerplate aluminium and the rubber-coated bulkhead. Behind this are four alloy storage containers for smaller, grubby items such as levelling ramps, hammers and awning pegs but you can option a huge toolbox and firewood box if you need more room.

The trailer weighs 675kg and the camper unit on top is an additional 520kg (as tested). It is rated for a 1950kg ATM, giving you a carrying capacity of a good 755kg — and growing, with the release of a lighter HD tray testifying to Wedgetail’s evolutionary approach.

And, if you plan to use the trailer bed, optional drop sides convert it to an enclosed tray.


Externally, the 80L Waeco fridge is accessed by Wedgetail’s unique pivot that’s now made from nylon instead of stainless steel to save weight. The fridge box is fed by air forced through a filtered vent on the front of the camper body to dissipate heat. That positive pressure feeds through access vents into the trailer interior to keep out dust and dissipate fuel smells if you’re travelling with a genie on-board.

The dust sealing properties are excellent. Externally there is access on the driver’s side to a clothing storage locker, the shower unit and a gas bottle storage cabinet.

This external kitchen setup, which opens beneath the fold-over top of the camper, is often adjusted to suit the customer. The basic arrangement consists of five 23L drawers plus two 15L boxes, plus a barbecue but forgoing the internal stove or the external barbecue results in more room.

The Sizzler barbecue, however, is highly recommended with a strong, wind resistant fold-over top that can be used for everything from heating water to baking bread or roasting a cut of meat.

There is an LED light above and a swing-out tap which can fill a kettle or a plastic washtub. There is a 90L water tank in the camper and an additional 120L tank under the trailer, giving a total of 210L of storage.

The camper comes standard with a single 105Ah AGM battery to keep the weight down but a second battery is optional. Topping up the charge is handled by a Redarc 25A DC-DC charger and 240V 40A mains charger, with a battery monitor and an optional inverter. For the days in civilisation there is a 240V circuit with two outlets adjacent to the rear door.

A 200W solar panel up top resumes charging duties the instant the engine is turned off and is easily accessible at camp for placing under direct sunlight freeing you to camp in the shade.

Once you have the camper up you are not just limited to shelter under the overturned top. A sail rail above the kitchen supports a 2.5m independent awning for roadside stops, and another on the outer edge of the kitchen overhang extends the awning to 2.5x3.5m. The outer edge can either be tilted down to create a wall or enclosed with full-height walls furnished with doorways, windows and a draught skirt added below the camper.


I liked…

  • Quality of finish
  • Flexibility of front drawbar area
  • Internal living space
  • Huge load carrying capacity
  • Adaptability of separate trailer

I would have liked…

  • Limited options for the kitchen
  • No mudflaps under the stoneguard
  • Not particularly aerodynamic



  • Tare 1195kg (trailer 675kg, camper 520kg)
  • ATM 1950kg
  • Suspension Vehicle Components trailing arm independent with twin shocks and adjustable sway bar
  • Brakes 10in electric drum
  • Coupling Treg (others optional)
  • Chassis Powder-coated steel
  • Drawbar 2m 100x50x3mm RHS (1.5m available)
  • Body Aluminium
  • Wheel/tyre LT 265/70R16 Coopers on 16x8in alloyss
  • Style Side-fold hardfloor


  • Box size 2500x1800x1220mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4500mm
  • Tent size 2900x3300x3600mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg
  • Water 1x90L, 1x120L, 1x35L (grey) plus 14L hot water system
  • Cooktop Internal two-burner with grill; external barbecue stove and oven
  • Kitchen External side-fold bench and internal benches
  • Battery 1x105Ah AGM, 40A mains charger, 25A Redarc DC-DC charger, battery monitor

Price as Shown

  • $ 73,460

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