Camprite TX6: Review

By: Michael Borg, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

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Built to handle whatever life throws at it, the Camprite TX6 is the ideal touring buddy.

Camprite have been building some of the toughest family-orientated camper trailers in the country since 1995, and it’s safe to say the team has managed to refine its product right down to a dead-set bomb-proof camper that’s much more comfortable than its hardy exterior suggests. With a motto like ‘quality not quantity’, you know these guys really pride themselves on a building top quality camper trailer, too.


Straight up, the TX6 is built to handle anything you can throw at it. Every component is top quality and built for offroad purposes, from the heavy-duty industrial grade floor right down to the electronics – even the bloody stairs are solid as a rock! Plus, the body is a full one-piece construction so you know it’s tougher than the Terminator on steroids!

Suspension-wise, the TX6 is an industry leader in my opinion. It sports a high quality independent trailing arm system with twin Kings coil springs under each side. They’ve been using this system for the last 15 years and refined it to what it is now. It’s rated to 1.8t and has proven to be a solid, reliable performer. The trailing arms are made in Western Australia, and there are top quality ToughDog shocks fitted to help offer an extra smooth ride, too. The guys at Camprite have spent enough time and money on suspension research and development to build a space station and, if you ask me, it’s paid off; this suspension works like a charm.

When it comes to security, you’ll find everything is lockable when it’s packed away, including the storage boxes right around the camper. Plus, everything is well protected while you’re on the tracks, so you can be rest assured your gear is 100 per cent safe!


The TX6 comes standard with one 120Ah AGM battery, which is mounted in a twin compartment built under the floor. There’s also a 25A six-stage smart charger with a full 240V electrical system fitted, along with a few built-in LED lights that are perfectly positioned to brighten the whole lot up just nicely. It’s got all the electrical inclusions you’d typically expect from a fully equipped offroad camper including an electric water pump and several 12V outlets, too. Heck, there are even two separate water tanks on board with a grand total of 160L water capacity, so you can pretty much go anywhere with these units.

There are also a million and one optional extras such as diesel hot water, a complete solar power system, radio head unit and internal speaker setup along with a 12V fridge, thermal fly and canoe racks just to name a few.

One of the best things about Camprite is you can even get a professional custom paint job for your camper – how’s that for unique? They’re painted to perfection with a thick two-pack finish. If custom colours just aren’t enough, the guys at Camprite have done some insanely awesome custom work over the years with no shortage of one-of-a-kind airbrushed designs, either.


I liked…

  • Doesn’t require much space
  • Sleeps 4-6 people comfortably
  • Off-the-ground accommodation

I would have liked…

  • Setting tent up can take some getting used to
  • Awning requires guy ropes to stay up
  • Can get a bit heavy with all the extras



  • Tare 1050kg
  • ATM 1750kg
  • Suspension Independent double coil sprung
  • Brakes 12in electric offroad drum brakes
  • Coupling Treg offroad
  • Chassis 5mm galvanised
  • Drawbar Extended drawbar
  • Body Fully welded one piece with two-pack paint
  • Wheel/tyre 265/75 R16
  • Style Forward-fold hardfloor


  • Box size 4560x1860mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4560mm
  • Tent size 4560x3358x2800mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg holders
  • Water 160L (twin tanks)
  • Cooktop Three-burner Smev
  • Kitchen Stainless steel
  • Battery 1x120Ah

Price as Shown

  • $45,300

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