Aussie Swag Ultra D: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: David Vayro

Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8775
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8798
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8815
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8819
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8833
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8841
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8842
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8846
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8850
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8851
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8855
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8858
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8859
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8861
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8866
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8904
Aussie Swag Ultra D AY 8920

The Aussie Swag Ultra D camper trailer offers generous storage and comfortable features.

Like many good camper trailers, the Ultra D is built on a solid hot-dipped galvanised chassis – one built to Aussie Swag’s design by a long-standing supplier. The main rails are 100x75mm RHS which are held rigid by smaller profile cross members.


Up front, the drawbar rails are not RHS but 125x75mm angle. All the steel used is 6mm deep. Above the chassis, the main trailer body is constructed from 1.2mm Zincanneal steel, with the top being a composite foam and fibreglass panel.

In a similar fashion to the chassis, the independent trailing arm suspension with its Pedders coil springs and gas/foam shock absorbers is designed to Aussie Swag requirements. The six-stud hubs fitted with 265x70 R17 tyres are standard but they can be matched to suit your tow vehicle wheels. Sixty millimetre removable stub axles are fitted and rated to 2000kg to ensure a good load capacity. Between the drawbar rails at the front, the spare wheel sits on a hinged bracket that can be lowered to get the wheel in and out. Even with that, and the massive 195L polyethylene water tank mounted between the rails at the rear, there is plenty of ground clearance.


Although a rear-fold camper in its basic form offers less area under the canvas compared to many softfloors, the 5200x2140mm annexe roof, along with the 5200x1400mm offside awning, two end walls and an infill above the kitchen improve that immensely. When the shower room that fits neatly into the front offside corner by the water heater gets added in, along with the tropical roof above the main area, it makes for very practical setup indeed. There are no spreader bars, so erecting the awnings is easy and it would be remiss not to mention the heavy-duty, Australian canvas.



  • Well setup kitchen
  • Battery capacity
  • Quick setup
  • Generous under-canvas space
  • Good fit and finish


  • I’d prefer two smaller water tanks, instead of the large one
  • Heavy when fully loaded



  • Tare 1400kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Independent with Pedders coil springs, shock absorbers, trailing arms and removeable 60mm stub axles
  • Brakes Al-Ko 12in electric
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis Hot-dipped galvanised 100x75x6mm RHS
  • Drawbar Hot-dipped galvanised 125x75x6mm angle
  • Body Zincanneal steel
  • Wheel/tyre 17in All Terrain LT285/70 R17
  • Style Rear-fold, hardfloor


  • Box size 2200x1700mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4950mm
  • Tent size 5200x2100mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg
  • Water 195L
  • Cooktop Four-burner and grill
  • Kitchen Stainless steel slide-out and swing around
  • Battery 3x105Ah

Price as Shown

  • $59,400

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