Lumberjack Hopetoun Softfloor: Review

By: John Willis, Photography by: John Willis

Lumberjack Hopetoun MG 5969 Lumberjack Hopetoun MG 5969
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Strong, spacious and well designed, the Lumberjack Hopetoun Softfloor is set to impress.

Lumberjack campers are designed and built to rigid specifications overseas and distributed in Australia by Geelong Camper Trailers. Our Hopetoun certainly seemed strong enough and its gross unladen weight of 1360kg Tare tells me instantly that there is much more to this trailer than meets the eye.


Firstly, the construction seems to reflect sound manufacturing processes utilising solid raw materials and componentry. It is often very hard to consider overall strength and weld quality on painted units, yet there certainly seems to be plenty of integrity in the Lumberjack, starting with its 70x50x3mm hot-dipped galvanised chassis and heavy, welded 1.6mm powder-coated box construction. Sporting a full independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs plus dual shockers on each side, an extended walk-up design, stainless steel water tank and a huge tent with full awnings constructed from 14oz canvas and you start to see where the weight is coming from. Don’t get me wrong – the weight means strength to me.

From the ground up, she rides on a pair of 265/75 R16 offroad tyres affixed to attractive six stud steel rims, with the spare firmly mounted on the swinging tailgate. The full box section chassis and the independent trailing arm suspension seem very strong and supports the weight beautifully. The stub axle is fully welded and not independently replaceable so, if a very long and rough trip was envisaged, it wouldn’t be hard to carry a complete spare arm, spring and shockers, just in case. The system looks at though it could last a lifetime, though. The unit is fitted with 10in electric brakes with parts available nationally.


Also underneath is a large 120L stainless steel water tank complete with an alloy bash plate protector. It is located at the rear of the trailer balancing up the long drawbar weight. The undersides are neat, but some of the electrical wires and plumbing could do with a minor tidy up to reduce the risk of damage in harsh offroad scenarios. Out front is an A-frame drawbar with a flexible AS-rated polyblock offroad coupling, Anderson Plug and a bolt-on, swing-down jockey wheel.

For me, I would also fit a removable jockey wheel on the other side (I hate swing downs on uneven ground yet it seems to be an industry standard). The long drawbar also has a mesh stone screen with a pair of jerry cans in holders behind. Then comes the lockable gull-wing style toolbox with its steel body and alloy checkerplate tops that open with twin gas strut assistance. Its volume is quite cavernous and has a separate pole storage locker below.



  • Seems strong
  • Well-designed
  • Independent suspension
  • Plenty of storage
  • Walk-through design
  • King-size bed
  • Stainless steel water tank


  • Heavy tent to erect
  • Swing down jockey wheel
  • Closed access to my old campsites



  • Tare 1360kg
  • ATM 2200kg
  • Suspension Independent trailing arm with coil and twin shocks each side
  • Brakes 10in electric
  • Coupling Polyblock offroad
  • Chassis Full box welded construction
  • Drawbar 70x50x3mm hot dip galvanised
  • Body 1.6mm powder-coated
  • Wheel/tyre 265/75 R16 offroad tyres with six stud steel rims
  • Style Softfloor with walk-through


  • Box size 2800x2000 mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4900mm
  • Tent size 2700x5000mm (incl. bed and walk-through)


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg holders
  • Water 120L
  • Cooktop Four-burner
  • Kitchen Stainless steel with sink, wind deflectors, fold-out bench, utility cabinets, pantry and two drawers all on slides
  • Battery 100Ah deep-cycle

Price as Shown

  • $15,999

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