Trackabout Safari Outback Tourer: Review

By: David Gilchrist , Photography by: Nathan Duff

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Quick and easy to set up, the Trackabout Safari Outback Tourer is a spacious camper fit for the whole family.

Essential to a worthwhile outback camper beyond its fully galvanised hot-dipped chassis is good suspension, and the Safari Outback Tourer’s Vehicle Components 2t Cruisemaster independent suspension as tested was more than suitable for rugged offroad touring. In short, after a good look around the outside, it was difficult to find any negative aspect of this camper.


In my view, some of the best design features of the Safari Outback Tourer were not the spacious tent with its 12oz canvas walls and 15oz canvas roof, six large full length windows and air vents providing superb ventilation. Nor was it the tropical roof set atop the tent further helping maintain a restful atmosphere inside and minimising condensation on cold morning pack-ups, it was, in fact, a well thought out array of features for the exterior.

My favourite included an innovative boat rack with gas struts and mesh under-sheeting. Given the ensuing frustration of removing a tinnie to set up at an overnighter en route to a favourite barramundi waterhole, a boat rack that tilts to the side leaving the tinnie undisturbed at camp is a brilliant, long-standing option and feature in the Trackabout range.


Also topping the list of worthwhile external features on the test camper are the easy mount outboard motor carrier, external hot water system, solar panels, integrated power management for AC/DC monitoring in the storage box on the drawbar, purpose built storage for poles, pegs and jerry cans together with a convenient external tap. The whole thing is wrapped in a powder-coated trailer tub with good high sides and ample clearance for rattling along an outback track.

The camper has certain off-the-grid capabilities, too, with the ability to make its own 240V power via its on-board inverter and impressive battery capacity, not to mention the ability to plug in a generator should the solar panels need a boost.


The slide-out kitchen sits comfortably under the rear annexe and is a simple yet elegant design. It has a handy return and a three-burner Smev stove and Smev stainless steel sink with a 12V pump. The whole arrangement boasts a built-in 60L fridge box with fridge/freezer included, Bluetooth/iPod stereo and a pull-out pantry/storage, all of which add up to easier entertaining outdoors.



  • Easy and light to tow on a 4WD track
  • Stylish looks and quality build with a retro look
  • Quick setup


  • Needs more in-tent storage pockets
  • No reversing camera on the tailgate



  • Tare 950kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Cruisemaster 2t coil
  • Brakes 12in electric
  • Coupling Ozhitch Off Road
  • Chassis Hot-dipped galvanised steel 100x50x3mm
  • Drawbar 2m triple rail hot-dipped galvanised steel
  • Body Double-pressed 2mm laser cut Zincanneal panels
  • Wheels/tyres 285/75R 16 MT
  • Style Side-fold softfloor


  • Box size 1200x2100mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4800mm
  • Tent size 3650x2100mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg
  • Water 85L
  • Cooktop Smev three-burner
  • Kitchen Drifta stainless steel with laminex top
  • Battery 2x120Ah

Price as Shown

  • $32,990 plus on-road costs

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