Complete Campsite Kakadu: Review

By: Michael Borg, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

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Looking for the ultimate softfloor camper? The tough-as-nails Kakadu may just be the most versatile one you’ll find.

The team at Complete Campsite has been building softfloor campers since the early 90s, and really prides itself on building a camper capable of taking the whole family on anything from a weekend away to an extreme offroad adventure. The Kakadu, with its versatile storage and durability, will take you there in style.


As tough as the Kakadu is, it definitely doesn’t compromise on the comfort side of things. This thing’s got everything you need to make camping an absolute breeze. It starts with two 105Ah AGM deep-cycle batteries, which can be charged by three different options – the 240V 1230 Redarc Battery Management System with built-in 30A battery charger, a 12V 50A Anderson plug from your vehicle (boosted by the built-in DC-DC charger) or the supplied 120W portable solar panels so there’s always power on tap. All charging methods are regulated by the Redarc Battery Management System.

Access to the storage tubs on the camper’s side is by way of zipped canvas flaps, and gone are the days of a dark and dingy tent thanks to the skylights for the day, and quality LEDs throughout. It’s also worth mentioning the tent poles/frame is made from square box DuraGal, which offers extra strength and durability.

Perhaps, the most practical and slightly fancy feature is the fridge slide, which conveniently slides out right next to the kitchen and is hinged to rotate around and sit alongside the camper’s tent. It houses the massive 80L Waeco fridge, and not only keeps everything super easy to access, but takes up less space under the awning, too.

Twelve volt outlets are found in the most practical spots, and there’s an Enerdrive Pure Sine Wave 400W inverter to power up even more luxuries like your laptop, a hair dryer or a charger for your mobile phone. There’s even a 15A weatherproof inlet plug along with several single pole 240V outlets strategically placed around the camper when mains power is available.

Lighting wise, you’ll find LEDs exactly where you need them to be – in the storage compartments, in the tent around the bedhead, along with plenty of good usable light over the kitchen area, too.

There’s a 90L water tank on board, which is internally mounted to keep it well-protected. It’s accompanied by a 12V water pump plumbed to the kitchen and another external wash tap. Plus, there’s even a Webasto diesel hot water system plumbed to an external shower unit and the kitchen tap. This also allows for the ducted heating into the tent, and there’s a second electric water pump which allows you to draw water from an external source, such as a creek or river.

Rhino rubberised protection lining keeps the drawbar and front half of the trailer free of stone damage, and there’s a full offroad DO35 coupling up the front, too. With a Tare weight of 1330kg you don’t really feel it on the tracks too much unless it’s loaded up to the hilt, and it’s fairly manageable on the tracks, measuring in at 5.45m total length. Ground clearance is a bit limited mainly because of the extended length drawbar but, overall, this camper is very well balanced and behaves itself quite well.



  • Plenty of organised storage
  • Very solid construction
  • Very versatile


  • Front storage box access is impractical
  • Jockey wheel design allows mud to clog up
  • Average ground clearance



  • Tare 1330kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension 2T Cruisemaster coil independent with twin gas shocks
  • Brakes 12in electric offroad drums
  • Coupling DO35 offroad hitch
  • Chassis SupaGal 50x50x5mm
  • Drawbar SupaGal 100x50x3mm
  • Body Zincanneal panels and doors Wheel/tyre 17in alloy rims with 265/75 R17 offroad tyres
  • Style Side-fold softfloor


  • Box size 1900x2800mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 5450mm
  • Tent size 3900x2800mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg
  • Water 90L baffled tank
  • Cooktop Three-burner stainless steel Smev gas stove with auto ignition
  • Kitchen Full stainless steel slide-out
  • Battery 2x105Ah AGM deep-cycle

Price as Shown

  • $52,850

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