Johnno’s Camper Trailers X-R15: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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Well laid out and built for rough conditions, Johnno’s Camper Trailers X-R15 offers plenty of surprises.

When it’s all packed up, Jonno’s Camper Trailer X-R15 ain’t bad looking for a camper trailer. That’s helped by the unique nose cone toolbox on the front drawbar, its black Hammertone finish and a suite of bin doors complete with marine-style stainless steel lockable catches that give the trailer a purposeful look. The clever twin LED lights on either side look like running lights but are actually there for campsite use.


A look under the trailer reveals the 50x50mm DuraGal steel railed chassis with 100x50mm chassis rails. The chassis bolts to an independent coil spring suspension setup with shock absorbers. To keep the trailer balanced, water tanks with protection plates are fitted either side of the suspension, between the chassis rails. Al-Ko quick-drop rear corner stabiliser jacks are fitted to keep the trailer steady when parked up. Even with all that gear, including an LED reversing light behind the rear water tank, the X-R15 offers good, clean ground clearance and an excellent departure angle.

Johnno’s reckons its X-R15 has a tent that is quick to erect but just how quick is that? Well, for a start, there was a heatwave during our photoshoot, so no one was keen to rush the job. However, with the trailer unhitched and level, while I was busy unpacking my camera bag and setting up my tripod for the best angle, Kevin and Jenny had the tent more than halfway erected for a typical overnight stop. Ten minutes later the awning was out and the kettle on the boil for a cup of tea. Not bad, I reckon! Pegging out everything for a longer stop does take a little more time, of course, but that can be done at your leisure and I know quite a few campers who derive a simple pleasure in ensuring that everything is neat, tidy and ship-shape.


Naturally, most Australian camper manufacturers like to mention that their camper trailers are fully built in Australia and Johnno’s is no exception – and that applies to the tent canvas, too – it’s Dynaproof with a five-year warranty. With large insect screened windows all round and one door, the main tent area measures 2700x2700mm. While all tent windows have external flaps, only those around the bed included internal flaps as well.

Down the side of the trailer, the polyvinyl panel has zipped doors for the cargo doors, as well as the walk up. Included in the side panel are clear panels for the camp lights on the side of the trailer and holes for the walk-up step. Still on lighting, an LED strip light is supplied for the main tent area and there are two 12V sockets inside the same bin as the slide-out drawer, also the switch for the
side lights.



  • Kitchen bench layout
  • Walk-up to the bed
  • Good tent windows
  • Generous storage space
  • Spare wheel location
  • Lighting fitted to trailer sides


  • Either a small fridge will be needed or it has to be in the tow vehicle
  • No internal flaps on the main tent windows
  • Batteries rely on the Anderson plug for charging



  • Tare 1100kg
  • ATM 1800kg
  • Suspension Independent coil spring with shock absorbers
  • Brakes 12in electric
  • Coupling Hyland
  • Chassis 50x50mm DuraGal steel
  • Drawbar 100x50mm DuraGal steel
  • Body Zincanneal pressed steel
  • Wheels/tyres 292/74 R15 LT
  • Style Side-fold, softfloor


  • Box size 2080x1275mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4500mm
  • Tent size 2700x2700mm


  • Gas cylinders 1x4kg
  • Water 2x60L
  • Cooktop Bromic single wok burner and Sovereign barbecue
  • Kitchen Stainless steel with Sovereign barbecue
  • Battery 2x75Ah deep-cycle

Price as shown

  • $29,340

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