On the Move Crossfire: Video Review

By: David Gilchrist, Photography by: Nathan Duff

The On the Move Crossfire is built tough with all you need to get stuck into the great outdoors.

The Crossfire in name and design is as a clarion call to outdoors adventure. It makes that clear by providing an exterior kitchen that, on our trial camper, included a handy Weber Baby Q barbecue. Bring on the next adventure!


Starting from the ground up, the single-axle independent suspension gets a tick straight away as it helped the camper rise and fall over the sand, without being too bouncy.

As the camper’s track width was the same width as our tow vehicle, it sat nicely in the tow vehicle’s wheel tracks along the beach. This was a welcome relief, considering we started our adventure just as the high tide turned and morning showers had made the still-damp sand all the more tacky. Yet, we managed to become bogged only once – just a minor blot on our sandy escapade.

Around the outside the Crossfire has the right look. However, it’s more than just good looking, in terms of construction style it’s up with current trends with an aluminium-framed composite construction and a heavy duty galvanised chassis.


In reality, given its interior dimensions, considering this camper as anything else other than somewhere to find shelter, store food and sleep is, perhaps, to expect too much.

But then, there is arguably no need for more. After all, offroad hybrid campers of this type are all about keeping things simple, casting off life’s bowlines and catching the trade winds to explore, dream, discover. The unpretentious interior with its comfy bed, basic kitchen, and ensuite has just enough of the right stuff to allow that to happen.



  • The look and finish
  • The simple exterior kitchen
  • Hot and cold water inside and out
  • The easy set up
  • Ensuite facilities in a short hybrid configuration
  • Toolbox


  • Small internal living area
  • Ensuite small in size
  • No pure sine wave inverter for the solar



  • Tare 1614kg
  • ATM 2100kg
  • Suspension  2T single-axle independent suspension and twin shocks per wheel
  • Brakes 12in brakes
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis SupaGal heavy duty
  • Drawbar SupaGal heavy duty
  • Body Aluminium frame with insulated composite wall and pop-top roof
  • Wheel/tyre 265x75 R16x3
  • Style Pop-top hybrid


  • Box size 4030x1930mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 6670mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg
  • Water 2x62L tanks with separate pump to shower
  • Cooktop Dometic two-burner
  • Kitchen Internal microwave, external kitchen and Weber Baby Q
  • Battery 2x100Ah and 2x155W solar panels

Price as shown

  • $52,990 (plus on-road costs)

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