Camper Trailer of the Year 2016 Winner AOR Quantum Series IV

By: David ‘Cookie’ Cook, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg and Nathan Jacobs

Smart, sophisticated, and oh-so-stylish, the AOR Quantum Series IV is an all-round winner in our opinion.

If there’s been one evolutionary step in the Quantum Super Camper Series IV, it’s the move to a one-piece monocoque fibreglass body, away from an aluminium-clad frame. The change in manufacturing methods has shed 40kg from the body, improved dust resistance and provided greater flexibility in the shell design. In fact, AOR now covers dust intrusion in its 12 month warranty.


The Quantum Series IV is impressive from all angles. It oozes quality and strength, towing flawlessly around the steep hills and gullies of the Victorian High Country, fording rivers and squeezing through weeds and grasses as high as the roof, between trees and up loose surfaces. There are, however, limitations relating to weight. The Quantum has a 1730kg Tare, an ATM of 2400kg and a ball weight of between 180 and 240kg, depending on how you load it. That’s a lot to tow around, but many of the larger 4WD tow cars would handle it with relative ease.

At the front is a stoneguard with a jerry can holder either side of the faceted nose, and above a camper-wide front storage bay is a fold-down panel with wire stays which can carry up to 100kg of wood. Poles are carried in a cross-camper tube built through the body of the camper’s front.

The camper has four heavy duty stabiliser legs but also what they call a ‘lazy leg’, which is swung down off the spare wheel carrier at the rear, adjusted roughly to length when not quite vertical then simply kicked in towards vertical. It all takes just a couple of seconds to do and provides a quick stability control for overnight setups.

There are mud flaps front and rear with plenty of stone protection to shield vulnerable piping and components underneath.

To assist in long-term bush trips there is a pump system with dual filters to extract water from creeks or billabongs.

The options list is two full pages, and includes almost anything you can imagine, so that personalising your camper is dependent only on your budget.


One of AOR’s big selling points is the macerator toilet system, with the waste being stored in the 110L black water tank. This can be emptied at approved dump points and the whole system flushed with just 2.5L of water.

The electrical system is a joy to behold in its clean and easily accessed layout. It sits beneath one of the internal bench seats with two 120Ah AGM batteries (lithium is optional), a 30A OzCharge charger, two 150W solar panels on the roof, a 600W pure sine wave inverter and two Anderson plugs (a second for external solar panels). A 40A Redarc DC-DC charger is, surprisingly, optional. A handy battery monitor is located conveniently next to the entry door. There is also a 240V mains system with one external and two internal outlets plus the mandatory breakaway system.

Once inside you can live in comfort, and security, thanks to the triple lock main door and a lockable mesh security door.



  • Superb engineering and build quality
  • Comfort plus
  • All-Australian build
  • Macerator toilet and black water storage


  • Size and price – but if you want this quality, you have to pay for it
  • Shower/toilet a bit squeezy
  • I’d prefer a hot-dip galvanised chassis



  • Tare 1730kg
  • ATM 2400kg
  • Suspension Trailing arm double shock
  • Brakes 12in electric drum
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis 150x50mm high tensile steel laminated
  • Drawbar 150x50mm high tensile steel laminated
  • Body One-piece fibreglass
  • Wheel/tyre Sunraysia steel rims with 265/70 R17 all-terrain tyres
  • Style Hybrid


  • Box size 1950x4250mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 6400mm
  • Awning size 2400x3900mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg
  • Water 280L
  • Cooktop Three-burner gas
  • Kitchen Stainless steel
  • Battery 2x120Ah AGM

Price as shown

  • $92,900

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