Ivan Campers Dakar: Review

By: Michael Borg, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

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The Ivan Campers Dakar offer great value for money when tackling the great outdoors.

Australia can wreak havoc with your camper trailer. There are plenty of tracks out there that will quickly sort the men out from the boys in terms of durability so, when you have a limited budget for buying a camper, it’s important to balance what you want in terms of comfort and self-sufficiency with where you plan to go. The question, then, is can the budget Ivan Campers Dakar stand up to the challenge?


For a camper to be a successful offroad model it needs to be capable enough to follow your 4WD anywhere you go, and robust enough to handle the tracks long term. The Dakar is definitely on the right track but has a little way to go to be classed as truly offroad. It’s built upon a solid galvanised chassis with a heavy-duty drawbar complete with a powder-coated finish. It’s also got all the standard offroad features to ensure a comfortable yet adventurous experience. We’re talking about an offroad poly block hitch, heavy-duty jockey wheel and full independent suspension complete with 10in electric brakes. The spare tyre is mounted on the tailgate at the rear of the camper, which maintains a good level of ground clearance underneath. While the tailgate itself is reinforced and fairly sturdy, its hinges could do with some beefing up. No doubt they’ll change this design to a swing away option in time, though.

The outside compartment panels all feel nice and solid, and while a few drain holes in the channels would help drain any dust and water that gets stuck in them, they’ll get the job done for a long time to come.


If you haven’t already guessed it just by looking, this thing’s got a tonne of organised, easy-to-use storage space. The external, flush, side, lockable storage compartments offer no-fuss access to your gear right around the camper, and they’re all different sizes, making them quite practical to store all different types of gear in. The front storage box extends right across to the other side, so you can access equipment like the tent storage poles from either side. The storage pods up the front are ventilated, and will hold two 20L jerry cans as standard. And the jerry can holders are lined with rubber for a firm yet gentle grip. There are also facilities for two 4.5kg gas cylinders, which is more than enough capacity for a long tour.

Storage in the main tub of the camper is limited compared to most other basic softfloor campers because of the full slide-out kitchen and fridge slide taking up a lot of the space. But, with the amount of storage around the rest of the camper, I doubt you’ll miss it much. There’s a 130L rear mounted water tank with an aluminium guard, making it quite self-sufficient if you’re planning on tackling a lengthy expedition.



  • Great features offering value for money
  • Walk up area is very convenient
  • Great ground clearance


  • High ride height makes packing up a bit harder
  • Still requires finishing touches
  • Kitchen layout is awkward



  • Tare 1050kg
  • ATM 1800kg
  • Suspension Independent trailing arm
  • Brakes 10in electric offroad
  • Coupling Poly coupling offroad hitch
  • Chassis 75x50x3mm galvanised and powder coated
  • Drawbar 100x50x4mm galvanised and powder coated
  • Body Powder coated zincalume
  • Wheel/tyre LT265/75/R16 with mud tyres
  • Style Side-fold softfloor


  • Box size 2700x1800mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4700mm
  • Tent size 3.65m (12ft) tent with fully enclosed annexe


  • Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg holders
  • Water 130L tank with aluminium guard
  • Cooktop Two-burner Smev
  • Kitchen Stainless steel slide
  • Battery 1x100Ah battery

Price as shown

  • $15,500

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