Altitude Campers Ultimate: Review

By: David Gilchrist , Photography by: Nathan Duff

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See more of the great outdoors in Altitude’s new Ultimate camper.

If first impressions are anything to go by, the Ultimate makes the grade. It wasn’t shiny and brash, instead it came across as a very functional, tidy camper.

It looked easy to use, with a few nice comforts plus all the essentials such as storage, gas, lighting and cooking close at hand.

So, with all those boxes ticked, we got around to setting it up and having a closer look at a little hideaway called Cedar Grove, 12km west from the peaceful country village of Amamoor.


Build-wise, Altitude’s Ultimate is a model of quality. The camper has a sturdy chassis of 50x50x2.5mm RHS galvanised steel. Up front, where you might expect to most wear and tear during travel, Altitude chose 100x50x4mm RHS galvanised steel for a strong drawbar ready for all the twists and turns of offroad or back-road travel. All up, the entire chassis and drawbar construction looks sound.

Under the chassis, Altitude selected ideal riding gear for its Ultimate: 2t-rated Vehicle Components Cruisemaster suspension. And when you consider the camper’s low Tare of just under 1t, it’s unlikely you’ll ever overload it – even with the two 80L water tanks filled. (I reckon any owner who can weigh down a small camper with more than a tonne of extra baggage ought to stay at home and phone a friend).

Maximising the strength-to-weight ratio in the Ultimate was a priority for Altitude and the company deftly achieved this through the use of composite aluminium panels for the body and a honeycomb-insulated fibreglass floor.


With the structure and suspension sorted, high on the wish list for any camper trailer owner is to have ample storage. And Altitude has provided plenty in the Ultimate in three well-orchestrated ways.

The first is an enormous drawer that is accessible from the rear when the camper is still packed away and from inside the tent after it’s unfurled. For those that like to carry a wardrobe full of clothes and other gear, this drawer is almost the full width of the trailer and very deep.

The great thing about this massive drawer is that it’s also accessible by lifting up the genuine queen-size bed, allowing you to fully utilise the adjacent area for a card table or bunk beds. This storage access also reveals two smaller storage compartments; one is really a plumbing maintenance hatch, while the other is a small hide-away storage hatch.


While the diesel heater keeps the interior of the camper cosy on cold winter nights, the back side of the camper will keep you clean with an external hot and cold shower. Now here’s the kicker – you can enclose the external shower with the ensuite annexe; simply pick up some rubber mats from any camping supplies retailer and you’ll have a proper little indoor bathroom.



  • Hinged kitchen and large pantry
  • Storage drawer with under-bed access
  • Easy-clean fibreglass floor
  • Genuine queen-size bed
  • Tropical roof
  • Diesel heater


  • Could do with bedside storage pockets
  • No LED lights for annexe



  • Tare 980kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Vehicle Components 2T Cruisemaster independent with springs and trailing arms
  • Brakes 12in electric with handbrake
  • Coupling Vehicle Components Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis 50x50x2.5mm hot-dip galvanised RHS
  • Drawbar 100x50x4mm hot-dip galvanised RHS
  • Body Aluminium composite
  • Wheel/tyre 16in alloy 265/75 R16
  • Style Rear-fold hardfloor


  • Box size 3450x1900mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4850mm
  • Tent size 4650x1800mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg
  • Water 2x80L
  • Cooktop Three-burner cooktop on a slide-out drawer
  • Kitchen Stainless
  • Battery 2x120Ah AGM

Price as shown

  • $39,990 (plus on-road costs)

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