Jawa Cruzader: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

Jawa Cruzader 190A0172 Jawa Cruzader 190A0172
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Well-appointed and easy to set up, this Cruzader is ready for your next adventure.

Underpinning the Cruzader is a hot-dipped galvanised chassis. Up front, the rails are 100x50mm RHS but the chassis itself is mostly 50x50x4mm RHS, apart from a centre rail which is the same size as the drawbar. The chassis is fitted with trailing arm independent suspension with coil springs and twin shock absorbers, leaving room for a rear fitted stainless steel 120L water tank and four corner stabilisers. The photos don’t really do it justice but there’s quite good clearance room under the trailer.


On the drawbar, the two gas cylinder mountings and the jerry can holder sit behind an alloy checkerplate and mesh stoneguard and look well-protected from track debris. In front of the stoneguard are the poly-block hitch, jockey wheel, handbrake and gas barbecue connection plus a winch for opening up the camper trailer. There’s also a winch at the rear of the trailer closing up the camper, along with a carrier for two spare wheels, the second one being an option. Above the chassis, the steel body work has a baked enamel finish – some areas like the top surfaces have a covering of alloy checkerplate as well, which not only looks good but is practical, too.

In terms of general storage, the Cruzader comes well-equipped. In addition to the drawbar storage box, which is accessible from both sides, there are two smaller bins, one of which is partially dedicated to the electrical panel. And all the bin doors have pinch-weld sealing.


Access to the bed and lounge areas is via a fold-down step at the front of the trailer body. Up front, there’s a second step for easy access to a ‘caravan’ queen-size mattress, internal canvas flaps for closing up the windows in poor weather, an internal privacy screen and a rear wall-mounted LED strip light.

The Cruzader’s electrics are well set up. The 100Ah deep-cycle battery control system and a 20A charger maintain the water pump, LED lighting and the charger sockets located in various places. This won’t be an issue if you’re travelling daily but, for lengthy stops, a solar panel or two should be a consideration. The control panel located in the external bin tells you all you need to know, as well as having all the necessary 12V switches including the master switch. I know it’s not digital but I quite like the slightly retro looking water tank gauge.

The Jawa comes with 12 month warranty and an options package that now includes an ensuite shower and toilet, solar panel, extra battery and extra water tank as well.



  • Easy to set up camper
  • Well-appointed
  • General storage capacity
  • Window canopies
  • Electrical setup


  • Inconvenient charger socket locations
  • No solar panels reduces self sufficiency
  • Lounge seating a bit low



  • Tare 1390kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Independent coil spring with shock absorbers
  • Brakes 10in
  • Coupling Poly-block
  • Chassis Hot dipped galvanised 100x50x4mm plus 50x50x4mm
  • Drawbar Hot dipped galvanised 100x50x4mm
  • Body Steel and baked enamel
  • Wheel/tyre 16in alloy 265/75 R16
  • Style Forward-fold


  • Box size 2130x1880mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4980mm
  • Tent size 4200x1800mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg ring holders
  • Water 1x120L
  • Cooktop Four-burner gas
  • Kitchen Stainlesss steel slide-out
  • Battery 1x100Ah deep-cycle

Price as shown

  • $19,999

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