EMU SUV: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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With a lightweight trailer, easy set up and extensive options available, the price of the EMU SUV might be budget, but there is nothing else about it that is.

The SUV Semi Off Road has a Tare weight of just 465kg and an ATM of 750kg. If you drive a Subaru Forester, for example, which has a maximum towing capacity of 750kg (unbraked) and 1800kg (braked), the SUV Semi Off Road is a good fit. The unbraked rating is important, as there are no brakes fitted to this camper, although a disc brake override system is an optional extra if you want to increases your carrying capacity.

I mention the Forester as it’s an AWD vehicle capable of traversing awkward terrain, particularly soft ground, mud and snow where traction is more useful than a high ground clearance. So it would be quite easy to hitch up this camper and go off to do a little exploring. And, as you’d expect, that well-maintained dirt or gravel road weaving its way to a sprawling, grassy non-powered camp is well within the SUV Semi Off Road’s grasp.

Being a dirt-road ready trailer, the SUV Semi Off Road has a ball coupling, swing-away jockey wheel and rides on a basic leaf spring suspension. Between the chassis rails at the rear is an 80L water tank that comes with a hand pump. On the trailer body itself, infills are fitted either side of the mudguard, with the nearside ones used for a jerry can holder (front) and gas cylinder ring (rear). With a body design like this, there aren’t any storage compartment doors, apart from the hinged tailgate at the rear. What there is, though, is a large alloy checkerplate storage box on the front drawbar, which is easy to get at from both sides. Also fitted to the front drawbar is a spare wheel. Generally speaking, the trailer body is well put together but a few grommets where the tail light cabling runs through the steelwork wouldn’t go astray.


Like the awnings and the optional ‘sleep out’, the tent canvas is all 15oz tight weave. Screened window space is plentiful with large openings all round, including doors on either side of the main tent. All the windows have inside flaps as well as outside ones and the end wall window flap is large enough to be set up as a small awning. A smaller awning is fitted to the end wall of the bedroom.  Above the roof, the tropical roof and sun cover really helps to minimise heat inside the tent.

When set up, the main awning measures 4300x2400mm and effectively covers the side wall area, including the kitchen. It’s self-standing, which saves time, but I would certainly recommend guy ropes in windy conditions.



  • Tare 465kg
  • ATM 750kg
  • Suspension Four-leaf spring
  • Brakes Optional
  • Coupling Standard ball
  • Chassis Hot-dipped galvanised 50x50mm
  • Drawbar Hot-dipped galvanised 70x50mm
  • Body Steel checkerplate hodipped galvanised
  • Wheels/tyres 15in Sunraysia 205/75 R15
  • Style Side-fold, softfloor


  • Box size 2200x1700mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 4300mm
  • Tent size 2600x2300mm


  • Gas cylinders 1x4.5kg holder
  • Water 1x80L
  • Cooktop Optional
  • Kitchen Stainless steel slide-out
  • Battery Optional

Price as shown

  • $7895 (on road, Qld)

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