Patriot X2: Review

By: John Willis, Photography by: John Willis

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With premium engineering standards, on and off-road tow ability and low purchase price, the Patriot X2 is setting a new standard for the camper trailer industry.

Patriot Campers has won Camper Trailer of the Year category awards for the last three years. Its X1, X1 Limited Edition and toy haulers wowed all of our judges on many occasions. The company has clearly proven it can apply new ideas in response to feedback so I predict the Patriot X2 is destined for success.

I jumped at the opportunity to test this new toy immediately after the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow. It is a pre-release model that will be formally offered in June, however, Patriot is currently accepting forward orders on the understanding of even further refinement for the full production model.


The Tare of the entire trailer is a thrifty 700kg with an ATM of 1200kg. Overall length is only 3m which is 300mm shorter than the X1 yet it has the same 1.85m width. On the road, you barely even know it’s there and its compact dimensions certainly make it ideal for extreme offroad scenarios. The X2 sits nice and high on its 285/75 R16 Federal Couragia Mud Terrain offroad tyres and black Gecko steel wheels. The trailer has exceptionally good 40° entry and departure angles even with the compact fitting of a 90L shrouded water tank and underside spare wheel at the rear. The chassis shows off Patriot’s engineering prowess with strong galvanised tongue and groove welded construction integrated with a short drawbar that has quite considerable reversing clearance. The high tech laser cut gussets show true professionalism and a real sense of pride in workmanship. Out front is the reliable Hitchmaster DO35 coupling with handbrake, a strong removable jockey wheel, all the standard electrics, an Anderson plug and rated chains. It is very compact, but well designed and easily serviced.

The X2 has a substantial nosecone at the front with a tough outer coating to act as a stone barrier. The lid pivots upwards on gas struts to reveal a large toolbox and storage area. We took along a small Honda generator to get a concept of the size and there was still room for jerry cans, fire extinguishers and a good spot for recovery and clearance equipment like axes and chainsaws. Either side of the nosecone are another pair of containers, one suitable for protected storage of a 9kg gas cylinder and the other makes a terrific container for some firewood on the way in, and rubbish on the way out.


While a protected sleeping area is a must, so is undercover shade. Patriot has custom fitted a 270° extendable awning over the kitchen, fridge slide and storage area on the passenger side and covering the back of the trailer. This is really where the party begins. The unit gains its height from a pair of extendable arms with gas strut lifting assistance that has been extremely well executed to a point where it appears almost bulletproof.


It is typically a ‘Queenslander’ with its large outdoor awning living space, yet we Mexicans are well catered for with a comfortable tent and bed enclosures, and the option for the extra kids’ room. The pre-release price for the X2 is currently $28,990 without a fridge or tent extensions and there are a few other options to consider such as hot water, sound system, inverter and a swing away drawbar should you wish.



  • Tare 700kg
  • ATM 1200kg
  • Suspension Timbren axle-less independent system with Aeon single convoluted rubber springs
  • Brakes 10in electric
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis 100x50x2.5mm interlocked galvanised
  • Drawbar 100x50x2.5mm interlocked galvanised
  • Body Aluminium
  • Wheel/tyre Black Gecko steel wheels with 285/75 R16 Federal Couragia MT offroad tyres
  • Style Side-fold softfloor


  • Box size 1600x1850mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 3000mm
  • Tent size 1600x3100mm


  • Gas cylinders 1x9kg
  • Water 90L
  • Cooktop Bromic stainless steel twin-burner stove with grill
  • Kitchen Stainless steel, small and large pantry, utensils drawer, stainless steel benches, slide-out fridge mount, slide-out plastic sink
  • Battery 1x120Ah AGM

Price as shown

  • $30,689 (including fridge; base price from $28,990+ORC)

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