Jurgens TuffTRAX: Review

By: Peter Quilty, Photography by: Nathan Duff

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The new Jurgens TuffTRAX is as tough as they come, and with a strong build and excellent offroad capacity, you can be completely confident in the ability of the TuffTRAX.

I’ll say from the outset, without fear or favour, this is one rock-hard rig and I haven’t come across another in its genre with such unyielding qualities.

On that test, Jurgens Australia says it pushed the chassis, suspension, brakes and overall construction to the limit. Put simply, the TuffTRAX was bashed about but revealed it can take a battering, emerging virtually unscathed, with only a few superficial bruises.


Exterior features, such as the chassis, suspension, walls and roof only serve to exemplify its capability. The CNC-fabricated, bolt-together galvanised Optima chassis is engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight. Jurgens employs a computer modelling process known as Finite Element Analysis in the chassis design to identify stress points, enabling them to be strengthened in just the right places.

Meanwhile, its Cruisemaster XT offroad trailing arm independent suspension provides an excellent ride and is a proven performer over many years. Rugged 16in alloy rims and 245/70R16 offroad tyres plus 12in offroad electric brakes also assist in this regard.

The easy-lift Uniskin roof is designed for greater strength and water drainage. The roof soffit is one-piece fibreglass while the soffit surround is a tough vinyl construction, dark coloured to reduce the light shining through, and with zippered ventilation panels.


Internally, the TuffTRAX has a 110L Waeco compressor fridge, a positive pressure hatch to reduce dust ingress, CNC-fabricated ply furniture, blinds/flyscreens on all windows and doors, two portable tables (for internal dining and external use), a door-mounted condiment holder, and a plastic, six-person crockery set concealed in storage drawers under the front bed. There’s no internal bathroom but, instead, a portable toilet in a stowage compartment.

Furthermore, there is a water tank level and battery indicator, fire extinguisher and smoke alarm, adequate 12V LED lighting, USB connection and 12V socket, and an access compartment for plumbing maintenance.

There’s no air-conditioning, which an increasing number of travellers are expecting in hybrid campers, then again, this rig is mostly going to be heading out bush, and you may relish the extra clearance overhead when on bushy tracks.


And at $49,990, you can afford to take this resilient hybrid pop-top into the middle of nowhere without any qualms and with few compromises on comfort and liveability.



  • Strong build
  • Excellent offroad ability
  • Great zippered storage compartments


  • Front bed somewhat redundant
  • No internal toilet or shower
  • No air-conditioning



  • Tare 1460kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Suspension Cruisemaster XT offroad trailing arm independent
  • Brakes 12in offroad electric
  • Coupling Hitchmaster DO35
  • Chassis Optima galvanised
  • Drawbar Optima galvanised
  • Body Vacuumed-sealed insulated alloy walls and fibreglass ends
  • Wheel/tyre 16in alloy with 245/70R16 offroad tyres
  • Style Hybrid


  • Box size 4360x2070mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 5880mm


  • Gas cylinders 2x9kg
  • Water 160L
  • Kitchen External slide-out with two-burner cooktop, and hot/cold water
  • 110L fridge
  • Battery 1x100Ah deep-cycle

Price as shown

  • $49,990 (on-road, Vic)

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