Summit Campers K2: Review

By: Michael Borg, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

With the Summit Campers K2 you won't have to compromise on storage or quality features, this has both in spades - and all at an affordable price!

The whole idea of the K2 is to offer families who have been slugging it out with old-school camping techniques an affordable option to make camping easy without compromising on quality or features.

Summit -Campers -K2-12

It’s a bit like the next step up in the camping world – if you’re keen to skip the super low-budget softfloor camper stage and go right for the end goal.

Summit -Campers -K2-13

In fact, I think you’ll find that when it comes to good old-fashioned value for money, the Summit Campers K2 will turn more than a few heads.


Summit -Campers -K2-9

One thing’s for sure: the South Africans know how to build a tough offroad trailer. Yep, they’ve built the K2 on top of a tough and durable hot-dip galvanised C-channel chassis; it’s the sort of design that offers a heap of strength for a quarter of the starting weight.

Summit -Campers -K2-4

The K2 is also fitted with military-style, seven leaf eye-to-eye leaf springs, which we all know have been tried and proven for God knows how long over God knows how many Aussie tracks. In fact, after watching this camper sail over countless bumps, wash outs and corrugations, I reckon the way this system works is a real credit to the quality of this bit of gear.

Summit -Campers -K2-5

It also comes with a 2t-rated Al-Ko solid axle along with mechanical brakes and a set of three BF Goodrich mud-terrain tyres to top things off.

Summit -Campers -K2-10

You could be thinking that half of this gear is overkill for a trailer that has a Tare weight starting from 560kg, but with a massive GVM of 1800kg and weighing in 1100kg as shown, it’s right on the money.

Summit -Campers -K2-3

Heavy-duty Monroe shock absorbers top this package off, and it runs the old trusty steel rims to keep things as reliable as possible too!


Summit -Campers -K2-14

Summit Campers has taken a traditional approach to the awning. It comprises nine poles that each need to be tied down using guy ropes. If I’m honest, there is a bit of labour involved in setting this thing up if it’s as windy as it was during our test, but it’s the sort of thing you would only set up if you were sticking around for at least a few days.

Summit -Campers -K2-8

In saying that, the design feels really sturdy when it’s done, and it doesn’t need any spreader bars so you save a heap of unnecessary weight.


The slide-out kitchen’s height is perfect for most campers, and I guarantee you’ll struggle to find a camper that matches the K2 in terms of bench space. Not only does the slide-out kitchen utilise every bit of bench space available, but the main door to the side storage area drops down to make another convenient bench area as well.

Summit -Campers -K2-1

And if that’s not enough to keep the camp chef happy, you’ll find the K2 comes fully equipped with all the crockery, wine glasses and cutlery to suit up to six campers, all of which is shock-mounted to ensure they last the test of time out on the tracks.

So it’s safe to say the K2 comes fully equipped for your next adventure!

Summit -Campers -K2-7

The only complaint I’ve got is the Dometic two-burner stove is mounted parallel to the camper, which can make things a little awkward to reach at times. I think the idea of this is to free up as much space as possible, and I reckon the kitchen’s handy day rack and basin that come included in the package make up for it.


Summit Campers has thought outside the box with this little ripper.

Summit -Campers -K2-11

If you grab yourself a K2 one thing’s for sure – you’ll not only have a camper trailer capable enough to reach the summit of almost anywhere, there’s a better than average chance you’ll be floating on your very own cloud nine when you get there!



  • Bucket loads of storage
  • Quality tent canvas
  • Compact with great payload
  • Practical and functional design


  • Limited internal living space
  • Tent height can be a stretch to set up
  • Front stoneguard design can still allow rocks to ricochet on to the vehicle



  • Tare 1100kg(from 560kg)
  • ATM 1800kg
  • Suspension Al-Ko solid axle with seven-leaf military-style springs
  • Brakes Mechanical override (electric available)
  • Coupling Al-Ko offroad
  • Chassis C-channel hot-dip galvanised
  • Drawbar C-channel hot-dip galvanised
  • Body Galvanised powder-coated steel
  • Wheel/tyre LandCruiser pattern 15in steel rims with BF Goodrich mud-terrain tyres
  • Style Rear-fold softfloor


  • Box size 2100x1500mm
  • Length (hitch to tail lights) 3780mm
  • Tent size 2100x1500mm (max. height 2700mm)


  • Gas cylinders 2x4kg fitted to custom-made lockable storage drawers
  • Water 2x80L
  • Cooktop Dometic two-burner stove
  • Kitchen Slide-out
  • Battery 2x105Ah

Price as shown

  • $35,990

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