Review: Jawa Trax 12

By: John Willis, Photography by: Alison Kuiter

John 'Bear' Willis discovers the updated Jawa Trax 12 Ensuite, a budget-friendly hybrid that's chock-full of features.


Review: Jawa Trax 12

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Tare 1790kg
ATM 2400kg
Suspension independent trailing arm suspension with twin shockers and coil springs
Brakes 12in electric
Coupling ARK XO Extreme OFF-ROAD
Chassis Welded Box section
Drawbar 150 x 50 x 3mm galvanised
Body Composite aluminium panel with fibreglass roof
Wheel/tyre 265/75/16in Mud terrain
Style 16in Steel mags


Length 5.5m hitch to tail lights
Tent size 4 x 2m wind-out awning (optional side wall kit)


Gas cylinders 2 x 9kg (holders only) 
Water 2 x 100L stainless steel with shrouds and filter
Cooktop 4 burner gas with wind deflectors
Kitchen stainless steel slide out with three drawers, cooktop, sink with cold water pressurised, adjustable legs and pull out bench
Battery 2 x 100A AGM Deep Cycle


Base price $34,999

Price with extras $44,049

Optional Extras:
- Ensuite fibreglass bathroom solid cavity with Douetto hot water $2500 
- Truma reverse cycle air conditioner $3000
- Projecta 25amp battery charger $550
- Waterproof awning, wall kit, anti-flap kit, 62L EvaKool fridge $3000

Jawa Campers on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast have been working hard for quite a while to produce the complete mini hybrid package. They had a huge attempt with last year’s Camper Trailer of the Year when they presented the first Trax 12, but the new ensuite model sets a whole new standard.

After taking it for a spin, I think this complete little hybrid camper trailer is destined for great success. It combines sensible weight with a tough offroad trailer, an appealing layout with extendable bedding, a complete kitchen, suitable water and power supplies, ample storage and an internal ensuite, all at around half the price of many of its hybrid competitors.

The Trax 12 Ensuite is a very smart camper, but it also has the brawn to carry you safely across this harsh land and all its cuts, crags, crevices and corrugations. When you arrive at your ideal campsite, or maybe even just park up for a quick overnighter, the set up time is absolutely minimal, yet the facilities are huge.



At well under $40k for the whole kit-and-caboodle the Jawa Trax 12 Ensuite camper trailer is a very attractive small hybrid that would suite a wide range of travelling campers.

Yes it is an imported camper, however, Jawa in Australia have worked very hard to ensure that the standards are set high while the price has been kept very reasonable.

This Trax 12 Ensuite version has an ideal layout and a comprehensive range of sensible features. Keep an eye out at Australia's best offroad destinations as you will no doubt find plenty of happy little Trax 12 campers in the future.



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