Review: Hard Korr Overlander GT

By: John Willis, Photography by: Alison Kuiter

The Hard Korr Overlander GT is a tough off-road camper trailer that manages to stay compact despite its many features.





Tare 1150kg

ATM 1800kg standard can be upgraded to 2000kg

Suspension Independent trailing arm with twin shocks and coil springs each side

Brakes 10"

Coupling Polyblock

Chassis 150 x 50 x 3mm galvanised

Drawbar 150 x 50 x 3mm galvanised

Body Zinc coated steel, etch primed then 2 coats of 2-pack enamel paint

Wheel/tyre 235/75/15 MT tyres with black studded steel mag wheels

Style Black studded steel mag


Box size 2200 x 1800mm plus tool box 580mm D x 750mm W x 720mm H

Length 4150mm (hitch to spare wheel)

Tent size 6800 x 2200mm fully set up if needed


Gas cylinders 1 x 9kg

Water 200L in two tanks

Cooktop Two burner gas

Kitchen Two burner gas stainless steel cooktop, sink with mixer, fold-over benchtop, utensils drawer, large multi-drawer sliding pantry with extendable bench

Battery 1 x 105 amp AGM



Compact camper trailers have taken modern adventuring to new levels in recent times, with Hard Korr offroad explorers reaping the benefits of small, light trailers with amazing facilities and the ability to go anywhere. The Hard Korr Overlander GT is an exciting new offering in the compact camper market and a serious contender for your next extended journey.

The Overlander GT is a tough little nugget with a serious attitude that has the ability to carry an amazing payload, as well as provide a comfortable campsite with sensible accessories. It combines an array of both new and time proven ideas with the ability to please a couple, family or perhaps even a lone traveller.


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