Caravan on the grass Up close shot of the Billabong Grove
Towing the Billabong Grove On the road
Billabong Grove drawbar The drawbar
Billabong Grove logo Billabong Grove 186 Moda
Billabong Grove logo rear Rear shot of the Billabong Grove
Billabong Grove bedroom The sleek and modern bedroom
Billabong Grove bed storage Plenty of storage space under the bed
Caravan bathroom with washing machine With room for a washing
Caravan bathroom The modern style bathroom
Caravan interior The interior of the Billabong Grove 186 Moda
Billabong Grove caravan kitchen Billabong Grove kitchen
Billabong Grove kitchen Another shot of the kitchen
Billabong Grove dinette The spacious dinette
Billabong Grove lights Interior lighting
Billabong Grove caravan a/c All important air conditioning
Caravan storage space Extra storage space

Peruse images of the Billabong Grove 186 caravan, a contender in Caravan World's Best Caravans test.

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As the pictures above demonstrate, the Billabong Grove 186 Moda is contemporary and stylish, with bold interior highlights and a fairly conventional layout. Billabong’s specialty is customisation, so if the internal red splashes you see in the images aren’t your cup of tea, they’ll have something that is.


Enquire about this caravanFor its price point, the Billabong Grove 186 Moda has all the bases covered and a couple more. The layout is open, spacious and visually appealing in a trendy kind of way. It’s bound to do you proud on extended tours of Australia.

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Here's the Billabong Grove 186 Moda final score.Billabong Grove 186 results

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