Coronet caravan bedroom The bedroom in the Coronet is located in the front
Coronet caravan FS2 logo Coronet Series FS2
Coronet caravan gas bottles on A frame
Coronet caravan bathroom The innovative full hard-walled bathroom
Coronet caravan shower head Coronet caravan internal shower
Coronet caravan kitchen drawers Plenty of storage space in the Coronet's kitchen
Coronet caravan led lights Internal lighting in the caravan
Coronet caravan more storage More storage in the Coronet caravan
Dinette and kitchen in caravan Coronet caravan nearside dinette
Coronet caravan kitchen Offside kitchen
Coronet caravan driving Coronet caravan on the road
outdoor caravan shower Coronet caravan outdoor shower
Coronet caravan pop out table Pop out table
Coronet caravan pop top The pop-top
Coronet caravan rear Another image of the Coronet Series FS2 on the road
Coronet caravan setup Setting up the Coronet Series FS2
Coronet caravan storage space under bed Plenty of storage space under the bed
Coronet caravan towing Towing the Coronet Series FS2 caravan

Peruse images of the Coronet Series FS2 pop-top caravan, a contender in Caravan World's Best Caravans test.

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Melbourne-based Coronet has completely overhauled its range. In fact, the FS2 pop-top we tested for BAV (pictured above) was its first public outing, so fresh is the new design. We won’t go so far as to say the previous range was looking old-fashioned, but it’s clear from the images that the new-look Coronets have been brought into the 21st century.


Enquire about this caravanIf the FS2 pop-top is anything to go by, the Coronet range has leaped and bounded into the 21st century, with innovation that may spark an industry-wide change in how pop-top layouts (especially when it comes to bathrooms!).

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Here's the Coronet Series FS2 final score.Coronet FS2 5950 score

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