Goldstream caravan at sunset Relaxing after setting up the Goldstream RV Goldstream caravan at sunset
Goldstream caravan awning The caravan's awning Goldstream caravan awning
Goldstream caravan bed The large bed inside the Goldstream RV 16ft FKST Goldstream caravan bed
Goldstream caravan close up A close up shot of the caravan Goldstream caravan close up
caravan dinette The Goldstream RV's dinette caravan dinette
Inside a Goldstream caravan The Goldstream RV includes a front kitchen Inside a Goldstream caravan
Caravan lights Interior lighting of the Goldstream RV Caravan lights
Goldstream caravan on the road On the road in the Goldstream RV 16ft FKST Goldstream caravan on the road
Goldstream caravan shower The Goldstream RV includes a bathroom Goldstream caravan shower
Goldstream caravan table The pop-out table Goldstream caravan table
Goldstream interior Interior shot of the Goldstream RV Goldstream interior
Goldstream rear Goldstream rear
Goldstream RV logo The Goldstream RV 16ft FKST Goldstream RV logo
Towing a caravan Towing the Goldstream caravan Towing a caravan

Peruse images of the Goldstream 16ft FKST pop-top caravan, a contender in Caravan World's Best Caravans test.

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When it comes to solid, well-built vans, Goldstream RV builds some of the best on the block. Check out pictures of the 16ft FKST – newly decorated with CNC-cut furniture. The rig pictured above came fitted with the so-called Aussie Adventure Pack, an optional upgrade to suit the rough and tumble of outback touring.


Enquire about this caravanThe Goldstream RV 16ft FKST is built by a company that truly knows how to bolt a van together. The team use their own vans and apply the lessons learned in the field – we reckon this little pop-top would do anyone proud as they got about Australia, on and off the road.

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Here's the Goldstream RV 16ft FKST final score.Goldstream RV 16ft FKST results

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