Jurgens Jindabyne caravan bed The bed inside the Jurgens Jindabyne Jurgens Jindabyne caravan bed
Jurgens Jindabyne caravan bedroom A view of the Jurgens' bedroom Jurgens Jindabyne caravan bedroom
Jurgens Jindabyne up close Close up of the Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 Jurgens Jindabyne up close
Jurgens caravan interior Interior of the Jurgens Jindabyne Jurgens caravan interior
Caravan kitchen The kitchen of the Jindabyne PT2210 Caravan kitchen
Jurgens caravan living area The caravan's living area Jurgens caravan living area
Jurgens caravan on the road On the road in the Jurgens Jindabyne Jurgens caravan on the road

Peruse images of the Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 pop-top caravan, a contender in Caravan World's Best Caravans test.

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The Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 is a new-for-2013 pop-top with plenty of class and credibility for Aussie touring. The photos of the Jurgen Jindabyne PT2210 caravan reveal the obvious elegance and thoughtful build quality of the caravan. Although the manufacturer has South African origins, Jurgens vans that are sold locally are designed here, and in our view are sufficiently Australian to qualify for Best Aussie Vans.



Enquire about this caravanElegant, light to tow and thoughtful build quality. These are the hallmarks of the Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210. It mightn’t excel in the comfort stakes, but from a budgetary point of view it’s a cracker of pop-top that deserves it place in the Best Aussie Vans.

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Here's the Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 final score.Jurgens Jindabyne PT2210 results

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