Best high end caravans

We tested and rated the leading caravans between $65,000 and $80,000 in order to crown the best high-end caravan in Australia.

High End Caravans

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As we head into the higher end of the market, choices abound. Blacktop tourers in this price range will usually come with higher quality specs, construction and a few more creature comforts, with plenty on offer with claimed rough-road abilities. But if you’re after a genuine offroader, a rig that will tackle the Cape with confidence, you might need to spend more. 


Best high-end caravan reviews


Jayco Caravan

Jayco Sterling

The Jayco Sterling is the flagship of the largest RV manufacturer in the country. In the mid-to-upper end of the market, it’s probably also one of the best-value blacktop tourers on the road.

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Evernew Caravan

Evernew 50th Anniversary

The Evernew E900 Series van on show at Best Aussie Vans was a custom-built 50th anniversary model. Beloved by its owners John and Val Cremmins, it is the product of a company that proves and lives the old adage of "practice makes perfect". 

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New Age Caravan

New Age Oz Classic

One of the major challenges manufacturers face is to build a caravan which looks and feels different to the rest. Thankfully, Victorian-based New Age Caravans has made some big strides in that direction.

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Regent Monarch Caravan

Regent Monarch

The Regent Monarch is the more upmarket van of Regent Caravans’ two model lines. It’s well-equipped and has just about everything you need for long term touring.

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