Olympic Pursuit Z3: Review


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Olympic Pursuit caravan bathroom Olympic Pursuit caravan bathroom
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Are you looking for an easily-towable and compact caravan? The Olympic Pursuit Z3 offers flexible travelling in a small package.

Olympic Pursuit Z3 highlights

  • Single-axle van
  • Front bedroom, full width bathroom
  • Towable by wide range of vehicles
  • Well-priced

Olympic Pursuit Caravan Driving On Road

There’s a line of thought in the caravan manufacturing business that full-size bathrooms and tandem-axles go together. So it is something of a surprise when a single-axle van appears with the contemporary front bedroom, full-width rear bathroom (FBRB) layout.

Such is the case with this Olympic Pursuit Z3 caravan. With a length of just 5.4m (17ft 9in), it’s not a large van. And with a tare weight of 1750kg, it is a good prospect for smaller tow vehicles as well.

Olympic Pursuit Chassis


There’s much to be said about the Olympic Pursuit Z3 caravan. Apart from anything else, it’s a single-axle van that can be towed with a vehicle that has a maximum towing capacity of 2000kg. Additionally, it comes with many of the contemporary comforts that we’ve come to expect and all at a very affordable price!

Olympic Pursuit Caravan Kitchen


  • Relatively light weight van
  • Interior that didn’t feel too cramped
  • LED lighting in appropriate places
  • Good-sized tunnel boot
  • Dinette seat drawers

Olympic Pursuit Caravan Dinette


  • Less square cabinetry
  • Different colour scheme
  • Bed base easier to lift

Olympic Pursuit Caravan Bedroom

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