Trakmaster Pilbara: Review

By: Michael Browning, Photography by: Michael Browning

Trakmaster Pilbara caravan towin Trakmaster Pilbara caravan towin
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Trakmaster Pilbara Trakmaster Pilbara

Built with the adventurous traveller in mind, Trakmaster’s new Pilbara pop-top caravan is designed for serious offroad travel.

Typical of Trakmaster caravans, which are named after pioneering or iconic inland areas, the Pilbara takes its moniker from the toughest part of north-west Australia. The Pilbara covers an area over more than 500,000 square kilometres, with vast deposits or iron ore below and a blazing sun that delivers baking summer temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celcius above.

It seems an appropriate name for the latest and toughest ‘Trakky’.

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Trakmaster Pilbara specifications

Trakmaster Pilbara Towing

The Pilbara fills a hole in the eight-model Trakmaster pop-top and caravan range, slotting in between the 4.2-4.7m (14ft-15ft 6in) Kimberley and the 4.8-6.4m range-topping Tanami.

But it’s now the most versatile model in the company’s 19-year history, being offered in a range of lengths from 3.8-6.1m (12ft 6in to 20ft) and as a pop-top or full-height caravan, effectively overlapping the existing 4.8-5.6m (16ft to 18ft 6in) Nullarbor. Got it?

Regardless of what size Pilbara you choose, you can be pretty confident it will get you places that no caravan of its size deserves to go.

Trakmaster Pilbara Caravan


The new Pilbara not only adheres to all the core values that make Trakmaster caravans sought-after for long-term remote-area travel, but through its smooth-panel CFP bodywork, dramatic styling and ‘out-there’ graphics, broadens the 19 year-old brand’s appeal to a younger demographic.

A starting price of $79,635, or $92,774 with the many fitted options as reviewed, might sound a lot for a 16ft of-road pop-top when similar-size, tough-looking full caravans can be had for less than $50,000. But if you wanted the ultimate sports car, would you rather have a Mazda MX5, or a Porsche Boxster?

Caravan Bedroom


  • Uncompromising quality
  • Custom-built design
  • Commitment to customers

Caravan Kitchen


  • Easier entry to ensuite
  • Easier-lifting pop-top
  • Better water sealing on front boot (under development)

Trakmaster Pilbara Camping

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