Adria Altea 402PH: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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Deceptively spacious and cleverly laid out, the Adria Altea 402PH is full of surprises.

Adria caravans are manufactured in Slovenia and, consequently, are built in a very European style. Of course, they come with other Euro characteristics too, such as a relatively light weight for the given length. The Altea 402PH has an external length of 4.77m (15ft 8in) and a Tare of just 1200kg. With a load capacity of 300kg, it is a very light towing prospect indeed and is suitable for the smallest of tow vehicles. This is even more surprising given the van has a fixed double bed, ensuite bathroom, dinette and kitchen.


For the chassis, Adria uses a standard Al-Ko design with C-section main rails and drawbar. Compared to the standard box section RHS style, it looks rather simplified. The chassis has received a few changes for Australia, including an extra set of parallel rails which run forward from the axle and an extra cross member has been added. A feature not readily apparent to the casual observer, but one that does add weight, is that the rails are about 1.5mm thicker than the standard Euro chassis. Up front, instead of a standard ball coupling, an Al-Ko hitch is used. It might look a bit scary but it is, in fact, quite easy to hitch and unhitch.

One of the reasons for the simplified chassis is that the van’s body structure is designed to make a contribution to the overall strength. Above the chassis, the insulated caravan floor is both glued and bolted to the chassis. The walls and roof are a composite structure with ply timber on both sides of an insulation layer and an outer coating of polyester. Moulded fibreglass is used for the front and back walls.


The large window area is good and the net curtains a little more stylish than usual. While the windows do have the usual insect screen and separate blind, both roll down from the top. In the case of the latter, it means the blind can’t really be left half or even a quarter open for ventilation, without losing privacy.

Taking up all the front of the van are the bed and bathroom. Measuring 1.98x1.47m (6ft 6in x 4ft 7in), the bed is a corner design, with the head wider than the foot of the bed to allow for access. The under-bed storage, part of which is taken up by the Truma Saphir ducted air-conditioner unit, can be accessed by lifting the inner half of the bed base. Above the head of the bed are a couple of lockers and above the foot is a small wardrobe, a clever idea that effectively uses space that otherwise would not be used.


I liked...

  • Small van with plenty of potential
  • Internal decor
  • Effective use of space
  • Lightweight towing prospect
  • Plenty of internal cupboard space

I would have liked...

  • Window screens that lift up, not down
  • Kitchen powerpoint in better location
  • Security door fitting


Weight and measures

  • Overall length 6.08m (20ft)
  • External body length 4.77m (15ft 8in)
  • External body width 2.36m (7ft 9in)
  • Travel height 2.58m (8ft 6in)
  • Internal height 1.95m (6ft 5in)
  • Tare 1200kg
  • ATM 1500kg
  • Ball weight 100kg


  • Frame n/a
  • Cladding Polyester and moulded fibreglass
  • Chassis Al-Ko galvanised
  • Suspension Independent torsion
  • Brakes 10in electric
  • Wheels 14in alloy
  • Water 2x50L
  • Battery 1x100Ah
  • Solar Optional
  • Air-conditioner Truma Saphir
  • Gas 2x9kg
  • Sway Control Al-Ko AKS 3004


  • Cooking Dometic three-burner
  • Fridge Dometic RM8555 190L
  • Microwave Camec
  • Toilet Thetford cassette
  • Shower Variable height, flexible hose
  • Lighting 12V LED
  • Hot water Truma 14L

Options fitted

  • None

Price as shown

  • $42,990 (on-road Qld)

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