Nova Family Escape: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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More is certainly merrier, according to Nova’s new Family Escape, which is equipped for five.

Given the external length of nearly 7m (23ft), there’s room inside the Nova Family Escape for just about all the essential features. The rear of the caravan, featuring an island bed, has been devoted to mum and dad, while up front is a separate children’s area with triple bunks along the nearside wall and a bathroom on the offside. This leaves the central part of the van for a kitchen bench on the offside and an L-shaped dinette opposite.


Like most of Nova’s caravan range, the Family Escape is built on a SupaGal chassis with 150mm (6in) main rails/drawbar and cross-member sections of 50x50mm (2x2in). Tandem-axle load sharing suspension is fitted to the 15in wheels and the water tanks are fitted above and behind the axles.

Following a familiar track is the body structure with its meranti timber frame, aluminium cladding, tinted bubble-style windows and Camec security door. From the outside, the dead giveaway that this is a family van are the triple bank of small windows forward of the entry door. In addition to the standard-sized front boot, there’s a tunnel boot across the rear.


When you step through the front-of-axle entry door, the Escape’s colour scheme gives the game away that this might be a family van – even before you notice the bunks. It’s not so much the muted greys and whites of the walls and cabinets but the bright colours of the pillows and doonas, which are included in the price.

Another great feature of this Family Escape is the bounty of windows, including one for each of the bunks, which all contribute to a very light and bright interior.


I liked...

  • Basic layout
  • General storage facilities
  • Light interior
  • Easy towing van
  • Labelled 12V fuses

I would have liked...

  • More drawers in kitchen
  • Better ‘ladder’ for bunks


Weights and measures

  • Overall length 8.69m (28ft 6in)
  • External body length 6.96m (22ft 10in)
  • External body width 2.39m (7ft 10in)
  • Travel height 2.8m (9ft 2in)
  • Internal height 1.96m (6ft 5in)
  • Tare 2369kg
  • ATM 2769kg
  • Ball weight 302kg


  • Frame Meranti
  • Cladding Aluminium
  • Chassis SupaGal RHS 150mm/6in
  • Suspension Load sharing, leaf spring
  • Brakes 10in electric
  • Wheels 15in
  • Water 2x80L
  • Battery 1x100Ah
  • Solar Pre-wired
  • Air-conditioner Aircommand
  • Cormorant
  • Gas 2x9kg
  • Sway Control Al-Ko ESC


  • Cooking Thetford four-burner and grill
  • Fridge Thetford N604.3F 184L
  • Microwave Daewoo DC
  • Toilet Thetford bench cassette
  • Shower Separate cubicle
  • Lighting 12V LED
  • Hot water Suburban 23L

Options fitted

  • None

Price as shown

  • $69,990 (on-road, NSW)

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