Jurgens TuffTRAX: Video review

By: Peter Quilty, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

The new-model Jurgens TuffTRAX literally raises the roof with its tough as nails design.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… And with that in mind, you’d want to be in the corner of the new-model Jurgens TuffTRAX in bouts off the bitumen. This robust offroader is a real little streetfighter and packs a massive wallop for its size and weight.


The Duratherm walls of the TuffTRAX are a combination of materials bonded together and vacuum pressed to create a strong and light sandwich panel. There’s a 26mm aluminium outer skin with checkerplate on the lower walls for added protection, internal 20mm high-density foam for insulation, one-piece ply on both sides of the foam core for strength, and a wash-and-wear internal lining. And the front and rear panels are a sturdy fibreglass construction.

The easy-lift Uniskin roof is designed for greater strength and water drainage. The roof soffit is one-piece fibreglass while the soffit surround is a tough vinyl construction, dark coloured to reduce the light shining through, and with zippered ventilation panels.


Externally, the TuffTRAX also boasts a slide-out kitchen with a two-burner cooktop and hot/cold water sink, allowing you to maximise your time in the great outdoors. This is a great addition to a true little offroader and gives you more options for enjoying your time outside; however, it’s there because there’s no internal kitchen. Unusual for a caravan and this arrangement won’t suit all travellers, so it’s something to keep in mind.


The interior of the TuffTRAX is designed for convenience and practicality – comfortable bedding, multiple zippered compartments, and a one-piece floor.

The 52mm composite floor comprises an aluminium outer skin for protection underneath, complemented by 40mm internal high-density foam sandwiched between one-piece ply with a vinyl covering on top. Special reinforcing brackets strengthen the wall-to-floor connection.

There’s no air-conditioning, which many travellers have come to expect as standard in their modern vans but, then again, this rig is mostly going to be heading out bush, so that’s kind of understandable and you may relish the extra clearance overhead when on bushy tracks. In my mind, the TuffTRAX is not a home-away-from-home, but that’s not its intended purpose, anyway. I wouldn’t be a happy camper living in any 14-footer for extended periods, although some would, but I reckon this is a little ripper for adventurous jaunts away.

What the TuffTRAX does have in spades is an ‘everything bolted together’ philosophy, and that’s its strength (in more ways than one) compared to a number of traditional caravans.



  • Strong build
  • Excellent offroad ability
  • Great zippered storage compartments


  • Front bed somewhat redundant for a couple
  • No internal toilet or shower
  • No air-conditioning


Weights and measures

  • Overall length 5.88m (19ft 4in)
  • External body length 4.36m (14ft 4in)
  • External body width 2.07m (6ft 10in)
  • Travel height 2.33m (7ft 8in)
  • Internal height 1.92m (6ft 4in)
  • Tare 1460kg
  • ATM 2000kg
  • Ball weight 150kg


  • Frame Composite
  • Cladding Composite
  • Chassis Optima galvanised
  • Suspension Cruisemaster XT offroad trailing arm independent
  • Brakes 12in offroad electric
  • Wheels 16in alloy with 245/70R16 offroad tyres
  • Water 100L (main); 60L (reserve)
  • Battery 100Ah deep-cycle
  • Solar Provision only
  • Air-conditioner No
  • Gas 2x9kg
  • Sway control No


  • Cooking External slide-out kitchen with two-burner cooktop and hot/cold water
  • Fridge Waeco compressor 110L
  • Microwave No
  • Toilet Portable with stowage compartment
  • Shower External with privacy tent
  • Lighting LED 12V
  • Hot water Gas/electric 22.7L

Options fitted

  • Awning walls

Price as shown

  • $49,990 (on-road, Vic)

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