On The Move Crossfire: Review

By: David Gilchrist, Photography by: Nathan Duff

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On The Move’s Crossfire is a cleverly designed van perfect for off road adventuring.

The Crossfire is versatile and compact and, given its size, it provides the necessary comforts for trips away. It might not have the full kit expected of a larger van, but then, that’s not what it’s designed to be.


Starting from the ground up, the single-axle independent suspension gets a tick straight away as it helped the van rise and fall over the sand, without being too bouncy.

As the van’s track width was the same width as our tow vehicle, it sat nicely in the tow vehicle’s wheel tracks along the beach. This was a welcome relief, considering we started our adventure just as the high tide turned and morning showers had made the still-damp sand all the more tacky. Yet, we managed to get bogged only once – just a minor blot on our sandy escapade.

Externally, the Crossfire certainly has the right look for offroad adventuring. But it’s more than just good-looking. In terms of construction, it’s also right on trend with its aluminium-framed composite construction resting on a heavy-duty SupaGal chassis.

The large toolbox nestled on the drawbar is a great piece of kit, providing mountains of storage space. However, it’s so large it did make me wonder about the potential for overloading and placing extra load on the ball. But with a very respectable 107kg on the ball to start with, it probably won’t be much of an issue.

The toolbox isn’t the only exterior storage, either. The compact interior means accessing the under-bed storage would be difficult from inside, so On The Move has solved this problem by placing a tunnel boot under the bed with access through exterior hatches on either side. For my money, this solution has turned a potential problem into an advantage.


Despite its offroad credentials, which set it up nicely for holidaying outdoors, arguably you discover the Crossfire’s most surprising feature only after you pop the top and look inside. When you do, you’ll find a tight but cosy living area with just enough space for a couple on an adventure. In case bad weather forces you inside, there’s a microwave to heat up the pizza, a good-sized fridge to keep the beer cold and a 24in TV to keep you entertained while waiting out the rain.



  • Simple kitchen setup
  • The general look and finish
  • Easy to set up
  • Bonus having an ensuite
  • Large external storage capacity


  • Small living area
  • Small ensuite
  • No internal kitchen


Weights and measures

  • Overall length 6.67m (21ft 10in)
  • External body length 4.03m (13ft 3in)
  • External body width 1.93m (6ft 4in)
  • Travel height 2.44m (8ft)
  • Internal height 1.93m (6ft 4in)
  • Tare 1614kg
  • ATM 2100kg
  • Ball weight 107kg


  • Frame Aluminium
  • Cladding Insulated composite wall and pop-top roof
  • Chassis SupaGal heavy-duty
  • Suspension 2.5t single-axle independent, two shocks per wheel
  • Brakes 12in
  • Wheels 265/75R16
  • Water 2x62L with separate pump to shower
  • Battery 2x100Ah
  • Solar 2x155W
  • Air-Conditioner Aircommand Sparrow
  • Gas 2x4.5kg
  • Sway control No


  • Cooking Internal microwave, external slide-out kitchen with two-burner cooktop and Weber barbecue
  • Fridge 140L 12V/240V Waeco compressor
  • Microwave Swift dLuxx
  • Toilet Cassette
  • Shower Combo with moulded sink
  • Lighting LED
  • Hot water Gas/electric

Options fitted

  • Air-conditioner; TV package

Price as shown

  • $52,990 (plus on-road costs)

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