Connecting your business name to the web

Dealer Sites, Your name, Your site, Your leads.

Bauer Trader Media is offering you something unique in the world of web classifieds: your own web site that talks directly with our massive classifieds ad audience.

Many other online services will offer space, but want to charge for every imaginable extra. We don't.

There are two steps:

  1. Register your business web name and connect it to  your stock (we can show you how);
  2. Put your stock up on the site through your existing Trader Ads connection.

As you're already using the Trader Ads system, you probably already know how to do step 2, so here we'll concentrate on that important first step: getting your web name registered and connected.

(If you have a name already, and a willing IT person, you can get them to 'point' your web name at your dealer page. See step C, below.)

There are many companies out there who can register a name for you - all of them have similar access to what's available. So the real question is service. We'll use Melbourne IT as an example, as it is one of the most established names out there. You can see a more comprehensive list at the end of this page.

An example of a dealer site on the Trade RVs platform

Step A: Go to and search for the name you want to register

Use the search window and be prepared to be flexible on the name. In fact, it pays to start your search with a few options in mind, as your first choice might already be taken.

At each step, the search window will come up with a panel showing what's available and what's already taken.

Step B: Make your choice

Click the name(s) you want, then tap on the 'register selected domains' button in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts (or call them). It costs around $70 per year for a two-year registration period.

Step C: Connect your name to your free Trader web site

The instructions vary a little from one provider to another, but search their site for 'web forwarding' or 'URL forwarding'.  

The information you need will include the name you're forwarding from ( and the address you're forwarding to (

You may be asked if you want this connection to be 'cloaked' or 'uncloaked' - select 'uncloaked', or disable 'cloaking' if there is the option to do so. This will set-up a 301 (automatic) redirect from your own URL to your dealer site.

That's it…you're done!

Now you can concentrate on getting your latest stock up on line.

Take control today and find out how easy and cheap it is to promote your own business online and in our leading print magazine!


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