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It took a bunch of talented people to pull off Caravan World’s Best Aussie Vans. Meet the judging panel who put the best caravans to the test.

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Meet the Best Caravans judges


Max Taylor


As the editor of Caravan World, Max has lived and breathed caravans for more than six years. He’s towed many different types and models to places such as the Red Centre, the Top End, the north coast of NSW, the Sunshine Coast and more, and in that time learned a thing or two about what makes a good van. His pride and joy – besides his kids – is Ruby, perhaps the most famous red 80 Series LandCruiser in the country.

Max’s philosophy on life is simple: work to live, don’t live to work. And if that doesn’t work, go fishing.

Laura Keys


Caravan World deputy editor Laura Keys’ introduction to life in the great outdoors came at age two when she was packed into, by day, a Toyota LiteAce van and, by night, a brown canvas tent beside her siblings for an extended trip around the vast playground that is northern WA.

But WA is a pretty hot place and tents don’t come with air-conditioners, so many years and countless camping trips later, she set her sights a little higher. After eight years as a news journalist, she now spends her days immersed in RV life, reading, writing and dreaming about travelling Australia by caravan.


Malcolm Street


Field editor Malcolm Street began caravanning in the early 1970s, first in a Viscount and later in a York, the former towed by a Holden Kingswood.

Malcolm has RVed extensively across Australia, New Zealand and Britain. He became an RV journalist in 1999 and joined VW in 2002. Each year, he reviews around 40 vans and motorhomes in Oz and NZ. Yes, he’s a well-travelled bloke with no shortage of campfire opinions about how a given caravan could be better put together. That’s our Mal!

Phil Lord


Phil is our resident tow-tester and general tech head. He’s also the former owner of a 1979 Viscount Grand Tourer, which he restored before selling it to make room for his next project: a mid-1980s Windsor Wincheater, which was the subject of many Tech Talk columns.

Phil has been a motoring writer for more than 20 years. He has tackled most automotive and technical subjects throughout his media career, which has seen him contribute to such illustrious journals as Wheels, 4X4 Australia and Motor.

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